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Cloud of Witnesses Part 1

Hebrews 12:1, “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…”

I stood before the throne of God absorbing His love for me. The glory of God was magnificent with rhythmic formations of light flowing out from God’s presence. He was surrounded by a cloud with lightning striking outwards then arching up towards the atmosphere which rotated around Him. I was in complete awe. Jesus was next to me shining with the most beautiful crystal light! He had His arm around me and we just gazed upon God together. I saw two huge angels hover with large wings around the throne. What began to catch my eyes were huge clouds around God Almighty which I could see people in the clouds around the throne of God. I saw their white robes…very bright white robes!

The glory of God was in the clouds and it came out from His heart. Jesus suggested we move closer to the throne so we did by His guidance. Now we were standing right before God’s chest which I could see hundreds of colors coming from Him including the clouds. I Have seen this before; the door that remains on His heart. It looks like a door or opening, but I do not have the language to describe it to you…it’s so amazing! I noticed the people in the clouds were coming out of His heart which now circled us!

Jesus whispered, “This is the Cloud of Witnesses. I want you to meet a few of them.” I was so excited! What room is this I wondered? Jesus said, “Come inside with me.” He held my hand as we climbed large, golden steps to enter the heart of God. I was overwhelmed with so much of His presence! The very floor was made with diamonds and clear water which flowed from a source of light!  I held some of the diamonds in my hands which carried the glory of God. Jesus smiled towards me as we walked down the path towards our destination which was a person standing in the most amazing, divine light.

He held my hand while we walked, “Micah, that person you see before you is your Father.” Jesus smiled, “This river is His love.” As we came closer I saw the face of God which was like flashes of lighting in the most powerful, violent storm.  His voice was loud like thunder! He was speaking to the Cloud of Witnesses while they sat on small white thrones surrounding Him. God was holding some kind scroll. His hair was white from the glory and lightning shown from his face. There was fire before God Almighty and the walls were made of His glory like a reverse waterfall of gold! So powerful, wonderful, and glorious!

The layout of this scene was like a giant stadium with God in the center and thousands of thrones seated around Him rising upward. As He moved about in the center, He would shine like a diamond emitting plentiful colors like a kaleidoscope. Jesus and I watched Him among His company. What was happening?

I wanted to hear everything, but all I could hear was the rolling thunder coming from God Almighty! I couldn’t understand Him. Jesus whispered to me, “Do not be alarmed. You are here to meet a few of my friends.” He placed His hand on my back and we waited for the meeting to finish.

The Father, during his speaking, turned towards me with blue eyes of fire! Glorious with love for the world, but I felt like I was the only one that mattered to Him. He turned to one of the saints sitting to His left and motioned him to approach me. It was strange, this person stood up and then vanished for a second only to reappear right in front of me.

This man was about 6ft in a white robe with beautiful black, gold and silver hair. His robe was filled with God presence that sparkled like a distant storm which opened wide on his chest. He had a gold Arabian prince hat on with a pearl in the front of it. He smiled towards me and shook my hand, “My name is John. It is such an honor to meet you.” He looked towards Jesus, “I see you are part of my testimony.” I was speechless! He still held my hand, “Heaven is becoming more expressed today than ever before. Do you know why, Micah?”

I didn’t tell him my name, but in heaven, you know everyone’s name. I shook my head no.

He was excited, “Because the time is coming when even the streets will be filled with His glory. But the Lord is waiting for the church to fully grow up and be ready for it. I saw the throne too Micah, I saw heaven just like you did when I walked the earth, but it is not just some story for you to marvel. It is an invitation to walk in the power of God boldly. It is to bring peace and rest while His Kingdom reigns. There is a great darkness coming to, Micah, but that is not the point of the story. It is to show you how much power is inside you. The church is victorious and will be without sin.”

His words were such a blessing. I was speaking with John, the writer of the book of Revelation…wow! I finally could speak, “John one my favorite passages you wrote was…”

His joyful laughter interrupted me, “God is light and in Him, there is no darkness.” He laughed again, “It is true. It is true. I wrote that so you know that God will always be true during great temptations and tribulations.” He placed his hand on my shoulder, “Micah I bless you. Love God’s people with your heart. Love his family as much as you can. Love is powerful and it is the light of God.” He gently squeezed my shoulder and walked back to his seat.

Wow! I turned to Jesus, “That’s one of your disciples! Woah! They are…very normal.”

Jesus smiled, “He asked to speak with you, Micah.” Jesus placed His arm around me once again and encouraged me, “Micah, they are cheering you on to complete the race set before you.”

My Father spoke into another man’s ear, and he stood up then vanished, but reappeared in front of me.

“Hello Micah,” the man greeted me. He was dressed in a layered white robe with long sleeves that sparkled with God’s glory! He had very short brown hair and a golden light rested on him. On his head was a crown with an emerald stone in the center. “Do you know who I am?”

“Paul,” I shouted, “You are Paul!” I reached for his hand.

He had the same joy as John did. “I finished well Micah, that is why I have such a joy.” He looked towards the Lord, “He took away the thorn in my side…finally. He had to keep me humble so that I would not leave Him. I desired to be fully the Lord’s, but I was so keen towards intellect and knowledge. I had to remember that I am just as much of a man as those I was writing to.” He turned towards me again with a smile. “Micah, remember this, your understanding is not your God; the Lord God’s power is unlimited, yet He is a humble God. Learn to lean on Him not your own understanding. I was given a gift and with my gift came power, but power comes only by leaning on Him; forget you own understanding and surrender to Him. The gospel sounds foolish to the wise but it is filled with power. You want to walk in power, humble yourself before the Lord. Do not leave Him! The day is coming where He will gather His children in the sky and their faces will be like His, but only those who have leaned upon Him will join our Lord. Those who submit to His authority—will be given great authority.” He paused a moment so I can soak in his wisdom.

He placed his hand on my shoulder, “Remember this people; hiddenness brings forth Manifestation. What you do in secret causes it to manifest before other people. So, it’s important to keep the secret place clean! You want to see healings more, take the time to pray for the sick in the secret place while no one is watching! You want to lead people, lead your own heart into God’s presence daily! What is in secret will come to light, so make that place Holy before God!” He turned away and vanished to his seat…

Paul returned to the Glory of God where his seat rested among the company of saints. I was so excited to learn more. Jesus held my hand too (I love holding his hand) and worship began to rise from the Cloud of Witnesses into a bright light above us. They sang their sweet song to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

After this, I heard them pray and prophecy to those on earth. Jesus whispered to me, “They pray for you and speak blessings from heaven all the time, son. You are not alone! Now come with me to another place!”

To be continued…

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