Behold Wonder is a ministry aimed at seeing people encounter the heart of God through intimacy with Jesus. Behold Wonder desires to bring the local church and the church worldwide into the Love God through gifts of supernatural revelation and inspired teaching. We aim to see a culture of heaven released through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by raising up disciples who walk in supernatural presence and power.


The Angel of the Ocean

“Hello!” An angel said to me as he appeared on the sea. His appearance was like the waves shining by the moon’s light.

Run Swiftly

2 Thessalonians 3:1, ” Finally, brothers, pray for us so that the word of the Lord may spread quickly and be glorified just as it was among you.”

Follow The Light

Micah, follow the light. The way out of darkness is to follow the light, but you must walk into it. Tell my people that I showed them the way out of chaos into my light.


  • Read the Bible – 1 Peter 2:9
    In this episode I am reading 1 Peter 2:9. During the Civid-19 pandemic it is important to remember who we are to God and what he has called us to. May you find this video encouraging and uplifting.
  • Read the Bible – Psalm 54:4
    God brings life to our soul. Jesus gives us His peace. Watch this video to learn more as we explore Psalm 54:4.