Encounters and Writings

The Angel Wonder: Happy Prophets

“It is the season of the Happy Prophets,” the angel Wonder said, “Can you hear them laughing with the joy of God?” Wonder opened his bright purple wings as he placed his hand on his right ear. “Listen! Listen to them laughing.” Each gold tip feather glowed with the presence of God. I could see blue veins in each feather.

Wonder was shining, almost like a silver shine overlaid his form. He had a blue, fitted button shirt on. He let the collar button loose for comfort. His lower attire was a layered garment of silver and gold, as if he was from India. A small silver crown appeared wealthy on his head. Wonder’s hair was gold and curly. His skin tone was a middle east complexion. 

He smiled while motioning me to stand,  “Come stand with me.” He helped me up and turned me around to face the same direction as he was. He pressed me against his body with his right hand and touched my ear with his left hand. “Listen, Micah.”

“I don’t hear anything, Wonder.”

“Oh, you have been accustomed to the old ways, Micah. The old ways of the prophets. Now they come with the oil of gladness. Wonder is always accompanied by joy. The Father has asked that we work together to raise a new breed of prophets that will prepare the way of the Lord. To get this oil, you have to kiss the Son, the sweet lips of the Son. Oil runs down his head and over his lips. Thus you will prophesy the glory of God because your lips will kiss glory. The glory is Jesus!” 

I closed my eyes and listened.

Wonder asked, “Now can you hear them? They are coming. The Happy Prophets are coming. They have seen Jesus, and they will have oil.”

I could hear them! I could see their eyes filled with the joy of God, and their voices were anointed like their King because they kissed his lips, and there was no discouragement in their heart. I laughed as I heard them coming.

Wonder said, “Satan hates the new breed of prophets that are coming because they are raised in heaven. The old ways do not influence them. You, Micah, must gather them together and send them out. Joy will defeat the enemy; they will laugh with others out of their sin. The anointing will cover their heads. They will release judgment on the kingdom of darkness, Micah.” Wonder squeezed my shoulder playfully. “It is a good day!”