Encounters and Writings

The Fall of Lucifer: The Cave of Darkness

Lucifer took Gabriel, his brother, deep into the caves of a hidden world. A spinning realm of terror and death. As if evil has a physical form. The walls and ceiling were high. A howl of despair filled the air, and the moan of brooding anger echoed deep in the chambers of this cave. Lucifer used light upon his index finger to guide the way into this cave. 

Gabriel’s feathers were damp from the moist air of sadness, “I don’t like this place, brother.” He said.

Lucifer held the light in his hands higher to brighten up the cave. “This place. It has everything. All things I want. Everything I want.” The light illuminated the area revealing a twisting darkness that roared with rage. Lucifer inhaled with pleasure. His golden wings fluttered as he exhaled with ecstasy.

Gabriel’s eyes were afraid; he had never felt so much fear trampling over him before. “Brother, what is this place, this darkness?” Gabriel shivered as he felt something not from his creator reach for his spine.

“I found it. The opposition of Yahweh, the enemy of light. All my desires…my destiny. I am death; I am all desire. I am despair. I am delirium.” He reached up to the twisting darkness as it spun around his arm like the spreading of chains. The chains cracked and hollered terrible abominations against their Creator. “I am old…I am wise. I am a star of death dawning in the night. I am…” He turned to Gabriel, “I am all you desire from beginning to end. I am time; I am the rush of pleasures. I am always enough but always starving.” His golden wings twisted into deformities and abnormalities. “This is all I want. I want every star, every kingdom to be mine, to desire me… too long for me. I want them all to be mine!”

The darkness spread in the chasm like spiders stretching out to feast on their prey. Gabriel felt a sickness come, but he did not understand, for there has never been a sickness. There was never a feeling of desire so intense it consumed your mind.

Lucifer inhaled the darkness into himself, and the cave was silent. The sound of water in the distance rushed by them, for this hidden realm was deep in the sea of chaos. Lucifer’s countenance changed into a gray tone, “I have what I need.” He chuckled, “Even if you asked me, brother, to give you some of my darkness, I would not.” He teased Gabriel by seductively touching his nose, “But you can convince me, I am sure.”

Gabriel shoved Lucifer back, “You traitor. Get your hands off me.”

Lucifer laughed, “Oh, sweet brother of mine. You have always been so quick to rest in your feelings. This darkness is everything I want. I allow my anger to guide me; I want my desires to eat away my soul. With it, I will rule every star, every created being! I will destroy all, leaving them all in chaos and death.

“Enough!” Gabriel shouted. Tears flowed down his cheeks, and his voice shook, “I have had enough. You will stay…” he cleared his throat, “Stay away from me.” He looked around the cave in silence; then his eyes zoned in on his brother, “You…the Morning Star, how could you do this?” A righteous light began to burn in Gabriel, “How could you? You were once the greatest of us…” The light swelled even greater inside him, “Now you bound yourself to this…I am still trying to understand what this is.” the light around Gabriel sparked with fire and lightning. “No, I…I won’t let you!” Gabriel’s anger blasted a bolt of lightning and heat at Lucifer, pushing him through the cave wall and deep into a pit of dark waters.

Gabriel watched his brother fall into the cave waters below. He wiped his tears and turned to leave. 

But something was also in the water—an old creature, ancient—a great serpent.