A testimony from Alice from the Majesty of God Mentor Series.

From the Majesty of God Mentor Series

Something God shared with Alice:

“Allow me to walk with you in every journey you will undertake. Be it good or bad. By the way there is never a bad journey with me. As we walk together or run, remember it is the lessons that you learn that will help you encounter my presence I AM in the journey. Did I not say I will never leave you nor for sake you? Did I not say that though you walk through the valley of the shadow… I will be with you? Even in the fire I will be with you. Was I not the fourth man in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? Be assured that I am with you till the end. Invite me to walk and journey with you. Is it doubt? Let me in. Is it happiness? Let me in. Is it success, wealth abundance, uncertainty. Your job is to invite me in and I will do the rest. I will strengthen you to walk and run. I will enable you to fly with the Eagles. Yes! I will cause you to soar do not shut me down or out, I am here to help you navigate this world. Invite me in. Yes! Invite me to join you in everything that you do. It might seem redundant it does not matter. Let me in. Start to practice with the small when you’re sleeping inviting in waking up, doing chores, going to work, making decisions, interacting with people, shopping, cooking, eating, reading, and beautifying yourself, invite me in and see the transformation that will happen in you. See you Look and reflect me. See how I see you. Feel how I feel. Experience life through my perspective. This is a daily exercise get it embedded in you and soon it will be like breathing. You won’t need to think about it. The flow of intimacy will be natural. You cannot do this on your own. I have seen you strive and I am here to help. I know that you are sold out yes! There is a sold out sign on your heart, it belongs to me. Now let’s walk together like I did with Enoch. You’ve been marked for greater greatness settle for no less. There is very much to do, so buckle up. The eagle wants to teach you how to fly. Remain humble and always invite me. Start now. Remember only in me can you accomplish my will for your life. Only in me can you fulfill your destiny. I know what I created you for. Am I not the author of life? Invite me and do not hesitate. Behold I stand at the door and knock, invite me in to dine with you.”