Beatrice Matis

A testimony from Beatrice Matis from the Majesty of God Mentor Series.

From the Majesty of God Mentor Series

“I closed my eyes, already excited about what God wanted to show me while I was meditating on His light. I started to see a big waterfall and realized that this waterfall was the end of His garment. It appeared to me like a waterfall that was pouring down the stairs from his throne.

I saw myself standing under the waterfall and it was so refreshing and it reminded me of all the good things that water is – it is cleansing, it means provision, joy, it is life giving.

Then I heard the father speak: “Come to me and drink! Receive from my goodness oh earth. Remember me.” I noticed that the water of His garment and his light produced beautiful rainbows around His throne!

Then I was suddenly pulled up and sat on my fathers lap. It felt like I was a little baby, or a toddler again. He was my good father. From His lap I looked around and saw huge whales flying around His throne. It looked like there was a whole universe inside of them. Like they were flying portals to other galaxies. It was fascinating!

Then I was drawn inside of God! And suddenly I was sitting on a green meadow and Jesus sitting in front of me, ripping grass out. It seemed like He had a looot of time and was not in a hurry at all. He looked at me and said: “Tell me – what’s on your heart?”

I knew He was so happy to sit there with me and He really was interested in my heart and my thoughts. He wanted to talk and he wanted to listen. Like a best friend.”