Encounters and Writings

Angels That Encourage Us

Angels are incredible servants of God who are committed to seeing you live in the fullness of Christ manifested through you.

You may be wondering why I chose such a picture above for the writings below. Well, I believe with all my heart that angels are people like us, just spirits without sin. They can feel, eat, and do many other things like we do. But what people fail to realize is that angels are devoted to helping us achieve our greatest potential in God. Angels can be our friends if we will accept them. Throughout my years of walking with angels, I have gained many friends in the angelic realm. Yes, I said friends. They experience things like we do and love to share it with us if we allow them. I have learned that they are natural at encouraging us. These are short stories below of angels sent to me. May they bless you!


Minister of Rest:

As I waited on the Lord, an angel appeared next to me with a bowl of crystal clear water that had purple flowers in it. I felt such peace in God’s presence that I got incredibly sleepy. I tried to keep my eyes open–the angel giggled at my attempt to stay awake.

This lovely blue angel had long black hair that shimmered in the light which came from his chest. He did not appear to have wings, but I could feel a refreshing breeze coming from him.

My new friend asked, “Why do you fight rest?”

I yawned, “I don’t know. Things don’t seem to get done.”

The angel nodded his head with understanding, then encouraged me, “Rest is the most important key to wanting to be effective in the Kingdom. So many want to “do” things for Him, but will not rest. Not resting causes you to be a nesting ground for the enemy. To rule with power, you must rest. Rule with rest…with resting you rule.” The angel laughed at his wordplay. I, on the other hand, was so peaceful that the angel’s voice was becoming barely audible.

As I lay there, the angel poured the bowl of water on my head, and he blessed me saying, “Son of light and son of His love, it is time to rule with resting! Have peace now…”

I fell asleep.

The Angel of Purity:

“Hi,” my new friend greeted me.

“Hello, good morning,” I said back to him.

Angels are delightful to have around.

During my 6 am routine, angels come and go. We worship and pray together; sometimes, they like to read with me! But this new friend of mine, dressed in a brilliant white robe and large wings of light, wanted to tell me something.

He held my hands and said, “You are already pure, you just have bad habits. To get rid of those habits, replace them with something new and beautiful. You know…it takes practice to walk out what is yours. Purity is already given to you; your Father gives grace because He knows habits can be challenging.” He paused for a moment — then as if he had a great idea, he said, “To help you practice walking in purity, live in a place of worship and praise, which is the entryway to His presence. There are many other ways you can practice walking in purity, which is another way of saying, ‘walking in His presence’. Get creative and replace those bad habits…it’s possible to get rid of them all; you just have to put in the work, and they will go!”

He stood up and smiled, but then remembered something else, “There is something else I want to say too, — purity is strengthened in a place of intimacy with Him, which brings a greater sense of power. When you walk in purity, you will see the power of God manifest in your life… so it is pretty important you live in what is already given to you.”

My angel friend jumbled my hair and then disappeared, but, reappeared again, “I am gonna help you out too! My name is Purity. Ok, I love you bye-bye!”

He vanished.

Thank you, Jesus! We love you!

The Angels Beauty and Holiness:

As I sat with God, I felt a gentle breeze rush by me. I knew angels had entered the room, so I looked to see who my new visitors were.

Two beautiful angels stood in front of me with kind eyes. Their innocent hearts shown through their eyes. As I studied them more, I realized they were identical twins. The only difference was their robes. But everything about them was remarkably similar.

“It is so good to meet you,” One said as he reached for my hand.

“We have heard so much about you.” The other added, “Now we have come to be a part of your walk on the earth.” He was delighted to be a part of my life.

“Hi! My name is Micah. What are your names?” I shook both their hands. It is nice to be polite to angels! Even though they are His servants, they still are “people” and have hearts like everyone else. Being polite and courteous is good.

The first one answered by placing his hand on his chest, “I am Beauty, and this is my brother Holiness.”

They both stood together and bowed by the waist, “At your service.”

Beauty held true to his name. He was beautiful! He had a long robe on that was a light blue that flashed with light. The fabric design resembled roses opening up to the sunlight.  He had a crown of bright, blue roses on top of his curly blond hair. I could tell that this angel’s skin tone was like a shiny cluster of pearls. Beauty had deep blue eyes that sparkled with curiosity and joy. And he did so look at me with wonder and amazement.

His twin brother, Holiness’ skin tone was also like shining pearls, only,  he had a crown of white roses on top of His curly blond hair. He had a white robe with a silver mantle on his shoulders. Flashes of light and the cloud of glory were inside the angel’s gown. I could tell Holiness loved his brother very much because he kept looking back at him…

Both angels were proud to be with me — as they smiled — rocking back and forth on their heels.

I enjoyed them. I asked, “What has Father sent you to tell me?” I sat down to listen.

They spoke together, “Worship the Lord in beauty;  worship the Lord in holiness. It is sweet to the Lord! We have come to help you walk in what you are created to be.

Then the angels looked at each other as if they had planned their next trick in a show. They stepped into each other –  forming one being. I gasped, as they became one beautiful angel of glory.

Again I gasped as this angel’s light created a rainbow in my room. I could smell the sweet fragrance of God’s presence at that moment. The angel said, “Yes, holiness is beauty from within that changes the world on the outside of you. It all begins from within your heart. If you wish to walk in greatness…love the beauty of holiness.”

They disappeared.

Angels are incredible servants of God who are committed to seeing you live in the fullness of Christ manifested through you. They walk among us every day waiting for moments to encourage us or simply to have fun with us! If your heart is open and you believe, you will see them walking right next to you as a friend.  Father thank you so much for giving your children help to encourage us throughout our journey. Thank you, Father, for the angels.