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Your a…HUH? And you do what now?

Hello Everyone! This is an especially unique post about common question I receive about my personal walk in being a Seer Prophet. Understand, that in order for me to unpack all of this, it would take a very long time so I will do my best to answer these questions as quick and clear as I can. My goal is that you would have a better understanding what my life is like as a Seer and that you would grow in your ability to impact the world in the prophetic realm God has called you too.

Do I see angels all the time? No, but it sure does feel like it.

When you say you “saw” what does that mean? It means that I physically see it standing there, like I can reach out and touch it. All my five senses are opened when I see angels.

Do I see demons the same way? Yes, and it is not fun. Yucky little critters. Demons stink!

Can anyone see in the Spirit? Absolutely, yes! It is something Jesus prayed for. He said that he wants us to behold him in his glory (John 17:24).

If I see an angel, dream, or demon, does that make mean I am a Seer or Prophet? No, it does not. Everyone has the capacity to prophesy or move in the prophetic but not all are prophets or hold and office of one. It says in the bible that God will pour out his spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophecy, young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams (Acts 2:17). An evidence of the Holy Spirits power is that all will be prophesying, seeing visions or having dreams, but it is Christ who calls some into the office of the prophet (Eph 4:11).

Micah, what steps did you take in beginning your prophetic journey?  Three important keys: There is the Calling; there is the Commissioning, and the Anointing.  It is possible to have the Calling but never receive the Commissioning. Mistakes that are common is that people believe they are prophets because of what someone else has said. No, God will call you himself personally; people may confirm that but he is the one who does the Calling, Commissioning and Anointing. Read the opening chapters of Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. We have an interesting story when Elijah called Elisha by putting his mantle on him. However, Elisha did not walk in it until Elijah was taken from him and the Lord put his spirit on Elisha. Elisha was unable to operate in his prophetic office until the Lord put his spirit on Elisha. So again, are you a prophet because you see an angel or a vision? No. Are you a prophet/seer because someone says you are, No. But pray and take that word to the Lord and ask him for discernment. He will speak to you. I was called into the prophetic office by many other prophets, but the anointing did not come upon me until the Lord called me himself. Then came the commissioning years later and then the anointing.

How do I work in conjunction with church leadership? Favor is also important too. You must have favor from God AND man. You are only a prophet to yourself if you do not have favor with the people. Now I know it has been said that you shouldn’t seek the favor of man or the approval of man and that may be true to a certain point, but there must be a mutual, agreement about the prophetic role that you hold among the leadership team. So, favor with man must play a part when working within a church. I will discuss this more in another question below.

When you go to heaven, do you mean in your mind’s eye? No, I actually leave my body. What that means is my spirit, which is just as real as my physical body, separates from my body by the Holy Spirit. I am actually leaving this earthly realm but in my spiritual body. It is not in my mind’s eye and I am not having a vision, but a real tangible experience. It feels far more real than anything I have experienced.  It used to scare me at first but I got used to it after a while. Jesus is the one who initiates every spiritual encounter and I only go to heaven by the Holy Spirit. I Cannot will myself to go to heaven, but only make myself available through intimacy with Jesus and living a lifestyle of Holiness.  I have a good a family who likes me!

Is it possible to see fallen angels and How do I know I am not being deceived? This is a great and honest question; therefore, spending time with Jesus is so important. The way I keep my mind sharp is by reading the word of God through prayer and fasting. I go through seasons of studying the Bible and drawing near to Jesus through a place of vigorous prayer. God is light and demons or fallen angels cannot produce real light, so if you are spending time in that light, you will recognize a false one when it comes. Do not be afraid; however, you have authority over them. Shew them away by the blood of Jesus… also the bible tells us to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). The way I do it is I simply ask if they serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Demons hate that question… The reason why this is important is because the spiritual world is dangerous without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Not all spiritual beings are good. Stay in the word and stay in intimacy with Jesus.

Do you have a church you belong to and do they receive you? Yes, I do! I am part of a healthy community that receives me and loves me. I stay in community because I need to feel loved and accepted too. I am part of the body of Christ. I LOVE MY Church! It is so important to be in community, that is where you will receive favor with people. Prophets/Seers need to find a community they can have accountability. If you want to grow into full capacity with your gifting get into a community of believers who will sharpen you and equip you. In my local church, I have trusted friends who know me in my weakness and in my strengths. Prophets are not meant to be alone, but have fellowship, so I actively seek out my community for encouragement and accountability.

Do you ever see something you wish you hadn’t? Yes, but I have a calling on my life and sometimes I must see things that are difficult. However, Jesus is faithful to minister to me when I need it. He takes care of me and has equipped me to do this. There are good days and bad days; some days where the gift just feels to heavy and I just want to stay in my room and not come out. Sometimes, I must remember that he has called me to this and I do not get to choose. In seeing these things that are difficult, it means I am baring witness to the truth/reality of such a spiritual world to help equip the body of Christ into His truth. God is not showing me hard things to be mean, but so I would understand truth and release it to His people so that they may grow up into the fullness of Christ Jesus. So; therefore, the Lord would take me to hell, or see demons—so the church would know the powers of darkness, but also the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside you… to tear down the kingdom of darkness and release the kingdom of God. It is all worth it in the end…

What is a Seer Prophet? I wish I had so more time to unpack that for you but basically it is those who see the word of God. They behold the glory of the Lord and proclaim it to God’s people. Seers are a type of prophet and they are called by God not by man. You cannot call yourself to be a Seer; it is God who calls you. Seers help equip the body of Christ. All Seers are a type of Prophet, but not all Prophets are Seers! True Seers want to gaze upon the beauty of Jesus and release that revelation to the body. Nothing compares to his majesty. When a seer prophet is equipping the body, it means that people around him should be experiencing heaven and being drawn into the beauty of God.

Once again, I know you probably have more question and I would be happy to answer them. Please enjoy the rest of the blog and I pray that you would continue to grow in whatever sphere God has called you too in the prophetic. If you are beginning your journey as a Seer Prophet, keep on going! Do not give up! Be healthy and prosper in your ministry. If you want to grow in the prophetic, go for it! The ability to see in the spirit, to prophesy, have visions and dreams is part of the Holy Spirit’s plan in building the kingdom of God. Draw near to the Lord in intimacy—he alone will satisfy your heart. I love you all!