Encounters and Writings

You Are Powerful

You are able to resist the enemy by your choice. You are not weak, you above not beneath. In this encounter, Jesus talks about your choice, compromise, and holiness. Hear His thoughts about you and just how powerful you are!

There are moments when Jesus and I sit together on our simple white bench in heaven. I can smell the roses in the garden and hear the birds singing. Jesus is absolute beauty; the purest of light dances all around Him. His complexion is so radiant that it feels like you are looking right into the sun, but it’s so pleasing to the eyes; Jesus is so pure, and there is no shadow in Him. His robe is living light, and a rainbow flows around Him like a river. Jesus, you are beautiful! I was resting my head on His shoulder when He said, “Son there is something on my heart to share with you today. Will you hear it?” I sat up and held His hand to show He had my full attention. His precious blue eyes looked deep into my heart like He wanted to connect on a level that only God and creation can.

He said, “Son do not blame the enemy for your decisions. He cannot control you. You make the decision to choose darkness or to choose light. I have redeemed you, and that is also your ability to choose. I have given you authority over Satan.” He paused a moment to let his words sink in, “Darkness cannot live with Light. Sin cannot live with Holiness. I will judge darkness, my son.  I will destroy it forever, so it shall not take its form or hold ever again.” There is no sin in my kingdom and no shadow among those who love me. I have set you free from all darkness–your purpose is to please me and stay in my light. Darkness is defeated when you rest in the light of my presence.”

His voice had now changed to authority when He spoke the following words, “Compromise is the same as deception; stay away from it. Compromise releases evil spirits!” He placed His hand on my shoulders, “Live in the light as I am in the light. Holiness is not a religious spirit. Holiness describes me and how I have called you. Do not confuse the religious spirit with holiness. The religious spirit comes from fear, but holiness comes from love! When I commanded you to become holy as I am holy, I wanted you to become love and love is light. Love casts out all fear.”

I was still thinking about all His words, the enemy is darkness; he is evil. He is the one who wants to destroy us. He causes evil in the world.

Jesus replied, “Yes he is, but you still can choose. I made a choice to fulfill my Father’s will when he (Satan) came to tempt me. You have the freedom to choose darkness or light. You are powerful Micah. I live inside you…” We stood up to walk the diamond path when Jesus said, “You are stronger than you know Micah. The enemy can only manipulate you into thinking he has more power than you.”

I was pondering about how I blame the devil for my decisions when I have the power of choice. I give him credit, or I accept the lie that he is stronger than me. I had let him tangle me in lies. Jesus smiled, “I am faithful to forgive and bring you into the freedom I have already won for you.” He firmly placed his arm around me, “You are a son of God! You are above and not beneath. The enemy hates your ability to choose, never let him make you believe you cannot choose.”

When Jesus had finished speaking, suddenly, I was back in my room thinking about everything I have witnessed when Holy Spirit said to me, “The power of God lives inside you. You have the power to climb every mountain, to resist every temptation, to ignore every lie! You are strong and I will remind you of that strength every day.”


Thank you, Holy Spirit!