Encounters and Writings

What Does Jesus Think About Halloween?

I do not like Halloween at all! Being a seer makes this day difficult for me, and having gone to hell every Easter, some of the demonic costumes are actual demons I have seen in hell. I want to get out of the earth on Halloween night. Yet I had an encounter I want to share with you that changed my perspective. Maybe it will help you.

People always ask me what is going on in the spirit realm this day, or what does heaven think? I usually keep it to myself because I did not feel the release of the Lord to share, but He has asked me too.

In this short article, this is not to control anyone but to get you thinking outside your box. Jesus is not advocating anything that deals with darkness, but you cannot control Him either to fit your mold. He is wild, free, and dangerous to religious mindsets. There is good news; Jesus is not thinking about the devil as much as we do. I pray that you enjoy the encounter written below.

An angel and I walked on a bright path in heaven on a typical day. It was Halloween on earth, so I was glad to be home with the Lord for a bit. Suddenly an outburst of music flew past us.

I was surprised by the loud music that suddenly dashed by us in a bright swirling flame! The angel and I erupted into laughter while this amazing person danced in front of us. It was the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit said with laughter, “Hello, Micah! This day (October 31st) is the day the Lord has made!” His form appeared out of the fire into a 7ft “man” whose countenance was so incredibly bright I couldn’t make out any features. The light inside Him glowed like how fire burns on wood. Music came from Holy Spirit’s hands and feet while He danced around laughing! “This is the day the Lord has made.” 

I leaned in to ask the angel as Holy Spirit was in His little world skipping around singing and throwing light everywhere, “Does Holy Spirit know that today is Holloween? I mean, this is Satan’s day.” 

The angel shrugged his shoulders and then kept watching the Holy Spirit. He was amused, ” I am fine with this; I hope you are too.”

Holy Spirit stopped dancing for a moment and answered my question, “Micah, since when did Satan get a day? He would take every day if he could. Every day belongs to the Lord, not to the Kingdom of darkness. Today is a day of joy, light, laughter, and the Kingdom of God. Yes, so much darkness happens on this day, but what makes this day different than any other? Satan would have every day if He could. Instead of crossing your arms, open them and unleash the anointing over people as they come to you. Demons are afraid of you. Did you forget that?”

He grabbed my hand and started dancing with me, “Come, the kingdom of heaven is inside you; release joy!” We danced down the path intensely! I was so thrilled to be alive, and all I could think about was going back to the earth on Halloween and release this to so many people. As we kept dancing, angels and other people joined us. Colors from Holy Spirit’s presence splashed on us like paint! 

What a beautiful mess!

Then Jesus appeared! “JESUS!” Everyone roared, and the Holy Spirit engulfed the area like a tidal wave of fire, light, wind, and trillions of indescribable colorful hues of a rainbow. Jesus danced with a wildness I cannot describe!

The angels shouted, “This is the day the Lord has made!” 

And the people shouted, “We will rejoice and be glad!” I joined in with them until the presence of God overwhelmed me too much; I lost all touch of where I was. I could see only the living colors moving around me from the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In laser light, Jesus raised His hands and swept me away in ecstasy; I cannot describe to you. Again the people around me shouted, “We shall rejoice and be glad! This (October 31st)  is the Lord’s day!” Jesus’ garment was like a trillion diamonds shining in the sun. Each time the people and angels shouted in glorious worship, Jesus became brighter and brighter!

Wow! Jesus’ attention turned towards me as Holy Spirit formed a cocoon of fire around Jesus and me. Jesus said, “Son, I am not thinking about the devil as much as you do. I have overpowered Him. He is defeated! Why do you concern yourself with his actions so much? I am going to deliver people from fear on Halloween; October 31st belongs to me because I am God. Now go and spread my joy, my anointing to anyone who speaks to you. I am alive! I rule! To the ones who decide to go and pass out candy, pray over it. You have authority! Use it! Overwhelm evil with light! Prophesy to those who come to your house, release my angels. Do not hide away; I am greater than Satan’s power. How long will my friends hideaway to prove my Kingdom is here? Go and shine! Go and shine! Give those lost in the darkness something else to see. What makes this day different than any other day?”

Jesus smiled, “Go, Micah! Go and spread heaven everywhere you go. Give the demons as much trouble as you can by shining.”

Blessings friends,