Encounters and Writings

Walking With God

What is walking in the prophetic? How can I grow in the prophetic? How can I hear God more? These are such fantastic questions, and if not answered, they have a chance of driving you loony.  While I would love to spend some time on each question, I will not do that for the sake of time. I will answer your question with a question. What is a friend of God?

Isn’t it amazing that Almighty God is asking for friends? He is so great and powerful–so powerful that He created eternity/infinity. If you look right into God, you will see that very essence coming out of Him which keeps all things together. Yes, He is asking for friends. I will be extremely blunt here, if your goal is to become a great prophet, to be a man of words of knowledge, or someone who sees all mysteries, then you will be utterly disappointed and have many regrets. It is not about what you see, hear, or dream. It’s all about the one who gives it! Our Father in heaven wants friends.

Walking with God is a pleasure, not a duty. My mission as a prophet is a result of my friendship with God. Whether you are a Worship Leader, Intercessor, Pastor, or if you manage the Welcome Center at your church, God is asking you to walk with Him as a friend. Your mission; your purpose is a result of your friendship with God.

Several years ago, I was walking to class one morning while listening to my music, when suddenly I looked down to my right and saw Jesus’ feet walking with me. I was surprised, so I looked up to see His face. He placed His arm around me, and said, “A friend is part of your daily life. A friend walks with you no matter the distance. A friend is with you because they love you. Micah, I love walking to class with you not because you’re my prophet, but because you’re my friend and I enjoy your time.” We made it to the classroom where all my classmates waited on the teacher, and Jesus said to me before He disappeared, “It is not worth searching for gold in public Micah. If you desire the treasures of men, they will be cast out into the fire, but if you seek what I give, you will have what lasts–more precious than gold. Son, friendship with God, is more precious than any title, more than any possession, or fame the world can give.” He smiled as He faded away.

I learned something that day. I asked the same questions about the prophetic. How can I grow in it? Or how do amazing prophets like Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, and many others hear from God so much? It is simple; they walk with God every day as a friend would.

Now please understand, this is not to condemn anyone for wanting to learn how to prophesy or become skilled at their giftings; it is important to keep our hearts in check. Our heavenly Father just wants friends and friends keep no secrets. Friends walk with each other–friends know one another without even speaking a word. A friend is more valuable than a prophet… Learn to hear His heart, then you will learn to hear His heart for others.


So how can we grow? Walk with God…keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. As angels always say, “Humans think too much. Just keep it simple.” What do friends do when they hang out? What do friends talk about?  What do friends laugh about? Take Jesus out for breakfast, go for a walk in the park with the Father. Go for a late night drive with Holy Spirit. All these things I practiced which have enriched my wonder of His love! Walk with Him, talk to Him every day. It is not about getting a word; it’s about being one with Him.

Jesus and I sit on our bench every day and hold hands because that is what we do. That is our friendship! What does yours look like? Are you ready to pursue real treasure? Are you willing to leave behind your title or fame?


WALKING AS A FRIEND IS LIVING PROPHETIC. I promise you, it is the greatest way to live! The Trinity is looking for friends. Keep it simple…be you! He likes you!