Encounters and Writings

Walking On Water

What an enjoyable day it was around the throne of God. I spent some time resting on the crystal sea gazing upon God’s glory with my heavenly family. Yes, we were just resting while waves of His love washed over us all. I closed my eyes to just take in all the emotions I was feeling when I heard Jesus call to me from within the intense light coming from my Father.

I sat up as I heard Jesus call me again and again. I wondered if anyone else heard Him call me. I walked into the light of God to another world with vibrant blue skies and a vast ocean shining like a rainbow. Millions of angels were flying above me in every direction, but my eyes were on my sweet Jesus standing upon the sea. I wish I had the right words to explain His magnificence. Jesus is beauty manifested; He is strength; He is courage; He is joy…He is everything you need Him to be.

He called me again, “Micah, come!” He opened His arms to me as the light of joy captured my heart. I stood face to face with Him while His arms wrapped around my lower back He said, “I want you to learn to walk on water.” He held my hand and turned around to walk on the sea. He began to teach me, “My son, when I asked Peter to walk upon the waters, I wasn’t trying to test his faith. I wanted him to see me in a greater way. I wanted him to know that I am Lord over the storms that come and go in life. In every season, there is a tornado, a flood, or a hurricane, but I have come to teach them that I am Lord. I want to show them how to ride the wind—how to walk upon the waters. You see Micah; I command the storm and my power is in you, therefore; you can command the storm.  Peter sank because he doubted me. He looked away and forgot who called him out upon the sea. When the floods come, my child, I am not under the waters but above them. It is not to test your faith, but a chance for you to behold my glory in the season of tumult and trouble.” He smiled at me, “Do you understand, Micah?”

My mind was racing because I was thinking about what our relationship will look like to some. Jesus and I have become so close because of the waters I have walked on or the winds from the storms I have flown on, so I was unsure how our relationship would be received. Our intimacy looks so different to some.

Jesus knew my thoughts, “I decide what intimacy should look like! I created it for my pleasure, and it is a gift for my children to experience. Each storm you encounter is a chance for you to grow closer to me. Each fearful wave that comes is a moment for you to sing to me. Micah, do not doubt who I am and do not doubt my call towards you! Come and walk on water with me. That’s what we did everyone; we walked on the ocean as a symbol of what our love will look like when troubled season come in my life! When you face the waves or when the strong winds come, tell your heart, “I am learning how to walk on water, or I am learning how to fly  with the wind.” Every season whether it is joyful or terrible, is a chance for you to behold the glory of God and walk with Him in a deeper relationship!