Encounters and Writings

Walk in Peace

This is a conversation Jesus one day:

Jesus appeared right next to me as I did my afternoon walk. It’s incredible having Him as my friend and Lord. He is stunning! He is indeed the happiest person I know! Dressed in His perfect white robe, the spirits of heaven landed on Him like gentle butterflies. He smiled; the smile that causes heaven to dance! Together we joined pace as we walked…same foot. Same step! He placed His arm around me and said, “Micah, The enemy can only bribe. He cannot make promises. Tell my church to not listen to bribes. He deceives you for wealth and stability. In fact, a lot of my people have been listening to his bribes because the world is shaking violently with fear. Fear will increase Micah like a plague which will cause hearts to faint quickly.” He pulled me closer while we walked. He said to me, “My perfect love can only set them free. Do not be anxious about anything Micah. Cast all your cares on me today!”

“Lord,” I added, “The enemy is such a liar.” I was angry at him for lying to so many people who just needed to be loved.

“The enemy is rejected and unwanted. He can only project who he is…remember that. He projects fear because he is afraid. He is afraid of his future; it terrorizes him.  Each time you soak in my love; it causes him severe anxiety.” Jesus kissed my forehead and said, “Do not be afraid of anything Micah. Do not panic. Tell my people to look up and let not the darkness make you afraid. My sheep hear my voice…they know me, and I know them. I will take care of them!”

He disappeared…

Love you guys!