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Upcoming Changes

Hello Everyone!

If you are an email or paid subscriber of we want you to be aware of some important upcoming changes.

We are moving to a new email service for our subscribers. After the migration is complete we will no longer be relying on WordPress email notifications for new blog posts.

So what does this mean for you? If you would like an email for new blog posts or videos please sign up for our monthly newsletter. The newsletter includes important updates and events too! Sign up below and don’t miss out!

Additionally, we are moving City of Kings and future paid content off WordPress. We have encountered some issues and limitations with our current paid series. So we want to do our best to make improvements.

Starting in July everyone who has already paid will temporarily lose access to City of Kings. This will allow us to make the transition. We will also take this opportunity to make some changes to our pricing. Additional details will be communicated to existing paid subscribers of City of Kings in the near future.

Thank you,
Dustin Montgomery
Director of Operations