Encounters and Writings

To The Lonely Ones

“To the one who is lonely, to the one who feels unseen, and to the one that has said, ‘I have nothing.’ – I am the Lord who sees your pain!

Oh Lord let us have compassion for those who are wounded! Please join Jesus in His compassion for those who feel alone. Read the encounter below

Jesus sat with me on a light-filled bench among the trees in His garden. Something was on His heart. I placed my hand on His knee to get His attention. He turned to me with a slight smile as if to say, “I’m present with you Micah.” Jesus placed His strong hand on top of mine and drifted back to His thoughts.

“Lord, where are your thoughts?” I asked Him.

He turned to me, “To the Lonely One Micah. My heart hears every word they say. Will you encourage them?”

“Lord, what would you like for me to say?” I could feel His compassion deeply. I noticed that His chest was starting to spill blood from His heart onto His robe. I was intrigued by this sign. I knew this was a manifestation of His deep caring heart for those who are lonely.

Jesus said, “To the one who is lonely, to the one who feels unseen, and to the one that has said, ‘I have nothing.’ – I am the Lord who sees your pain! I am the Lord who cares for the broken-hearted! Do not turn yourself into darkness, but come into my light. Walk right into my embrace. Do not be dismayed by the terror of man’s words, or, the night of bitter demons. Look to Me. Come and trade in your pain for My joy, peace, and love. Come and rest with Me; let me take away your burdens.” His tears were like small raindrops on my hand. His robe had now become deep red, and I could taste His tears in my mouth.

Jesus continued, “Do not lose your heart. Do not give up hope. I know you!  I know you! I am coming to take away depression; I am coming to take away your fear, anger, and grief. I have watched you clean your wounds; I have stood next to you as you’ve wiped up your blood. I was there as you cried out for help to the one who walked away from you. I am here; just turn to Me.”

Set your eyes on the One who was wounded for you so that you would have My joy. Praise is coming to your lips; those that scorned you will see My Glory rise within you! Those who have rejected you will see the sun rising above your head. I will return all that was lost and double it! Remain faithful to Me. Rest in Me!”


Jesus placed my hand on His tears running down His face, “Son, can you feel the lonely ones? Can you have compassion for those lost? This is where My thoughts are; for them. Say to those who have no home, don’t give up! The Lord is with you! He feels your pain; He feels your loneliness!”

Jesus’ love overwhelmed me. As I looked at my robe, it too was becoming stained with blood from His compassion. I suddenly began to see visions of those who felt like God did not see them. I saw those who had lost so much! I started to cry out to them as Jesus filled my heart with love.

At the end of these visions. I found myself leaning on Jesus’ heart as His blood spilled over my face. Jesus’ hand pressed me against His heart as He spoke, “To the lonely ones, I see you…I feel you. Listen to my voice; I am right here!”