Encounters and Writings

Three Little Angels Part 3

Mimi, while standing in my hand, asked, “What is it like being the most precious in the Lord’s Garden?”

Timmy waved his hand as his wings fluttered, “I have a question. Answer mine first…”

Jimmy smacked Timmy on the back, “No, me first… I’m the oldest.” He huffed and crossed his arms.

They all laughed at each other. As the three angels laughed, each of their tiny bell sounds chimed with harmony.

I answered them amongst their laughter and sparks of light coming from their bodies as they giggled, “Being God’s favorite is wonderful. I am his favorite, but I am sure there is more to learn about it.”

Jimmy flew to stand on my left shoulder, “This garden is like the earth. The Garden of Eden was supposed to be an intimate dwelling place for God and his people. Now, Eden lives inside you. You are God’s dwelling place. Now, Eden is not a place but a people. The most holy place is now inside of you.” Jimmy clapped his hands like a child who gets to eat his favorite cookie. 

Timmy brought me some flowers to hold, “Here you go. This is the joy of the Lord.”

Mimi batted her eyes and watched me. She said, “You are God’s favorite rose.” She was thinking about it all. “I wonder what would happen if everyone believed that about themselves?”

Timmy and Jimmy looked at her, then looked sad for a moment.

Timmy dropped his shoulders, “No one believes they are special anymore, which is why they compete with each other. Why do they compare to each other?” Timmy was so sad. He gathered more flowers for me to hold, but he was so sad that the flowers in his hand fell to the ground.

Jimmy cleared his thought to change the mood and smack Timmy on the back, “Cheer up, pal! Micah will tell them. Right? Besides, Holy Spirit is working very hard to help everyone. It will be okay.”

Timmy looked at me, and his smile slowly returned, “Right!” Timmy flew in front of my face and touched my nose gently, “You will tell them, won’t you? We need your help.”

Mimi said with a matter-of-fact tone, “The devil is so jealous of God’s children. He makes everyone think they are ugly and bad; when he is ugly and bad.” She nodded her head with her hands on her hips as she said, “He is ugly. You are fabulous.”

Jimmy chuckled, “Ha, you said ugly. When I get my hands on him, I’ll give him a piece of my fist.” He wound up and punched the air so hard that he tumbled into my hands.

Timmy laughed, “No, Jimmy, there are warrior angels for that kind of thing.”

Jimmy huffed while holding his fist up, “Let me at ’em. he will regret messing with my friends next time.”

“Thank you, Jimmy, for being so strong and such a protector,” I said. 

Jimmy placed his hands on his hips with a huff and snort, “Well, you are welcome. I am the eldest, and I got to protect what needs protecting.”

Mimi rolled her eyes with a smile, “Jimmy goes to the gym everyday to workout. He always gets stronger.” She had a brilliant idea, “Go to the Bible and get your workout! That always helps your mind when the devil lies to you and says you’re bad. Go to his word and strengthen those muscles.”

Jimmy flew in front of her and flexed his muscles real hard, “Yeah, like me!” She clapped for him.

Timmy still was concerned about the people who don’t believe, “Micah, will you tell them they are beautiful and that they don’t need to compare themselves anymore?” 

This was important to Timmy. The other two angels were quiet and honored his feelings. I could tell it would bring him great comfort to know that I would do this.

I answered Timmy, “Yes, I will do this. Don’t be sad. Everything will be all right, Timmy.”

Timmy puckered up, “Okay! I have lots of flowers to give for the wedding day! I want to give away as many as I can.” 

Suddenly, a bright light appeared walking down the path amongst the Lily forest. Thousands of tiny bright angels flew around the light like a colorful rainbow after a storm.

Mimi shouted, “It’s Jesus!” She flew into the air. “Micah, Jesus is coming to see his favorite rose.”

Jimmy shouted, “Yay!” and flew into the light with his sister; however, Timmy stayed with me, watching Jesus come towards us. His eyes glowed with such laughter and expectation. For a brief moment we looked at each other and giggled because we were so happy!

Illustrations provided by Beatrice Matis.