Encounters and Writings

Three Little Angels: Ending

Jesus’ coming is so beautiful. The music from the Lily forest ushered in his presence. Every light you can imagine was inside him!

Jesus’ coming is so beautiful. The music from the Lily forest ushered in his presence. Every light you can imagine was inside him! He is so beautiful! I stood up to welcome him, and Timmy and Jimmy flew into the light surrounding him as millions of tiny angels circled him. Mimi stayed with me, leaning against my ear as my eyes caught the radiance of his glory.


Jesus is light. He is the creator of all light. You see this fully when he comes to you. Though you can look into the light’s brightness, it does not hurt your eyes like how you look into the sun.

Jesus is brighter than sunrise and captivating like a gorgeous sunset. All the flowers around him yielded their worship to him like glistening dewdrops from the morning. 

Jesus is beautiful.

“I think he is very pretty.  Don’t you?” Mimi said, whispering into my ear. She batted her eyes, stating the obvious about Jesus. She tugged at my ear, “Hello?” She spoke like a child trying to get the attention of her parents, “Micah, are you listening to me?”  She kept tugging my ear.

“Oh, yes, I am just distracted. What were you saying?” I kept my eyes on Him.

She giggled, “You are not distracted; you are waking up. Jesus is the most important person to you as you are to him.” She spun in the air in front of my face and flew into the light, circling Jesus.

Carried on the sound of the wind, I heard Jesus’ voice as he walked towards me, “Come to me, Micah.”

I closed my eyes and walked forward into the circling light.

For a moment, I couldn’t feel my breath, but I knew I was in a whole other place. When I opened my eyes, Jesus was standing before me. I was in an area with thousands of tiny angels spinning around him in the light rapidly. Mimi, Jimmy, and Timmy flew towards and landed in their places on me; Mimi in my hands, Timmy on my right shoulder, and Jimmy on my left.

Jesus’ soft hands held mine as I had Mimi. 

Jesus smiled warmly, kissed my forehead, then said, “Micah, my rose in my garden. Your beauty captivates me.” 

I got the jitters as he said that. I responded, “Jesus, thank you for bringing me here. My new friends have been a blessing.”

Mimi curtsied, and Jimmy and Timmy bowed. I could tell they loved Jesus very much.

Jesus continued to hold my hands while speaking of these new angels, “I remember creating them from the flowers as I walked through them, dreaming about you. I made them for you, Micah. You can say they are siblings.”

Jimmy interrupted, “That’s right, I am the oldest.”  He thrust his chest forward with pride. Jesus poked his belly, and he laughed with him.

Jesus said to Jimmy, “You have done so well, Jimmy keeping charge of your two siblings. I have something for you.”

Jesus formed, on the tip of his finger, a wooden sword made entirely for his little angel warrior. On the handle of the blade were three red gems. “Here, take your sword. I know you always loved the warrior angels. I was hoping you could look after the flower fields with this sword. Take it as a sign of your promotion.”

His brother and sister cheered him on! 

Jimmy took the blade and held it high above his head, looking at the three red stones, ” He said, with much excitement, “I got my very own sword! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you so much!” He sheathed it on his side with a rope. puffed up with such gladness and pride, he bowed, saying, Thank you, my King!”

Jesus winked at Jimmy, “You are a great leader, Jimmy; this is my best gift to you.”

“Congratulations, Jimmy,” I added, “This is a fine gift!”

Jimmy placed his hands on his hips, “Yeah, I am the best there is. Right, Jesus?”

Jesus laughed, “Yes, you are Jimmy.” Jesus looked back at me with a gentle tone, “I always make the best.” He stared at me with eyes so full of love. “Jimmy, look after my rose, please. Give him everything he needs.” He kept gazing at me. “Micah,” Jesus held my face and stepped closer, “I would like for you to prophesy to my garden and say to them, the King desires you. Say to each flower that I have found my home inside you. Say to each one, I, the Lord, am captivated by your beauty. The King has come into his garden–to walk in the cool of the day, ready to meet with you. You have become the Garden of Eden.”    

*The End*

Illustrations provided by Beatrice Matis.