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The Wonderful World of Magic

The answer to your question is to look at your soul. How is your soul or spirit being affected by what you are seeing? I have seen movies that Christians called demonic that had nothing demonic coming from it. We have to be careful that we are not a fear-based culture in our churches. The issue is, Christians are not discerning well and taking imperfect people’s revelatory insights word for word without discernment. Sadly, we have so many Christians unwilling to do the work on their own soul and expect prophets and high-level revelators to discern for them. Did you know discernment is strengthened through a relationship with the Holy Spirit? You have to do the work.

We have many who claim Harry Potter is terrible, but actually, I have personally seen some things in Harry Potter that belonged to God first. People say, “Lord of The Rings is too magical,” but some beings walking around in heaven look like the elves. I was raised thinking Dungeons and Dragons was evil, until I met a dragon in heaven. Jesus showed me people in heaven who had a dragon farms with little elf-like creatures to play with the baby dragons. Some dragons were raised for war and some for wisdom. There are even those who claim that some movie and book authors get their ideas straight from hell. If that doesn’t sound fear based I don’t know what is. Some people say one thing and another group will say something else. So who is actually the thief? Satan is the thief. The devil takes truth and then corrupts it. His goal is to keep us in fear so we cannot see the glory of God.

What do we do? Well, the reason we see some truth in everything is that every human can see in the spirit realm. We “see” even when we don’t think we do. Some see real spiritual beings or events because the supernatural world is real and every human being is meant to live a supernatural life. We see in the spirit without knowing. So, you can find dimensions of truth in everything. Now I am not saying watch everything! There are real demons who look like scary images in horror movies. STAY AWAY FROM THOSE. Things that induce or glorify hate, anger, violence, fear, stay away from those. Those things do not produce good fruit. Jesus said you will know the tree by the fruit (Matthew 7:15-20). What is Satan’s will always carry wickedness and will never give praise to God. We do not want to associate with wickedness. Things that exult Satan’s personality, you shouldn’t partake in. However, some things are neutral, some things are our personal opinions, and others are requests from the Lord given for YOU only.

We must remember our individual convictions can lead other people into bondage if we are not using wisdom. If we preach from our convictions without wisdom, we can control people.

So I am not here to tell you what you shouldn’t watch, or listen to, but I am breaking off any fear that has your discernment locked away. Why are people confused? The problem is not Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, or Mary Poppins. It is the enemy attacking us with fear to keep us from hearing God’s voice and from discerning accurately.

True revelation brings freedom not bondage, and there is a lot of “revelation” out there bringing bondage. Revelation from God allows people to make a choice and fear takes away that choice.

So three things to take away from this:

1) Be careful that your own personal conviction, does not bring others into bondage. Have wisdom, or you can literally become a stumbling block for others.

2) Real revelation does not control people. God is free to choose what He wants, and you are free to choose. If you are using your revelations to control people, you have not heard from the Lord. Revelation brings freedom, not bondage. Revelation empowers people, not taking away their choices.

3) The issue in the church is a lack of discernment because of fear. We have become so afraid that we depend on people to discern for us. This is not good. This is why deception creeps in. We are called to judge the fruit and discern the times and seasons. We must repent for allowing fear to enter our lives.

Prayer: Father I ask that you would open the eyes of my understanding to discern what you are saying and doing in the earth. I lose from my soul all forms of fear, hate, violence, and anything the enemy has hooked into me. Father forgive me for not being alert to what you are saying and expecting others to feed me revelation instead of you. I want to know you Father. I give you my heart. I Jesus name, amen!

Let us open our eyes without fear.