Encounters and Writings

The Withering Man

Hell is real, and I have experienced it! Every Easter, for the last ten years, the Lord Jesus allows me to go to Hell to see it. Like in heaven, all my senses are alert, but the feelings are faded when I return because what I experience is so terrible. I do not claim to know everything, but what I do know, I will share. With you, I share this encounter with humility and grace. I do not wish to put fear into anyone’s heart but to be open and honest with you. There is a Hell, and as much as I wish there isn’t one, I cannot deny it. As always you are free to reject or receive what is written below.

I will tell you the story of a man bathed in fire, his words I heard him speak as his humanity faded away. My goal in sharing this is that you would know that there is a reward for darkness, and that is death. Sin only leads you away from God. Even as I share this, my heart aches for the ones who do not know Jesus. May we take action and minister those who are hurting and need Jesus.

On August 11th, instantly, I was floating in an ocean of fire. The stench of rotting flesh was so nauseating that I felt like I was about to vomit at any moment. The flames began to rise to welcome those thrown in the sea like a garbage dump. I saw so many helpless people thrown away—worthless and unwanted. As the flames grabbed them and bound them, horrific screams were rising into the dark, deranged sky. The demons laughed at them and then readied the next group to come. I saw massive serpent demons rise to the surface of the sea of fire to pull the people under ripping them apart. The flames of Hell were greedy for more; they wanted more!

At that moment, I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. I turned to see a golden spirit whose face was hidden by the glory of God. He told me, “I have brought you here to listen to a man who still has his mind. The mind decays here, and soon he will become like the demons who torment him. I want you to hear his words.” This spirit, who is none other than Holy Spirit, gave me a golden rope to hold onto as we sank deep into the fire below. I saw so many bodies descending deeper into the demons’ lair of torcher. The screams were deafening. I saw mindless people acting like demons. “You become like who you serve Micah.” The Holy Spirit told me, “They will begin to torture themselves if the demons do not come.”

As we lowered to the bottom of the Lake of Fire, I saw the heads of humans buried into the ground. The gigantic demons, who had ripped each human apart, left them there to be trampled on. There was a painful moan coming from them which gave me the feeling of terrible despair. As we walked on top of the heads, we went to a man who was decaying. He saw me and reached, but he could not touch me. His eyes were rotting, and his skin was hanging off his body. He reminded me of a horror movie! His cheeks were sick, and his hands were withering. I could see that some of his sanity remained, but only for a little while longer. He mumbled something, but I could not hear him. Until I stood closer. I could faintly hear his words,

The Withering Man
How has it come to me
Darkness welcomes me
I am withering away as demons
A Demon, I am like a demon
No one will come for me
No one will help me
I am like a demon
Fire is my food
Death is my water to drink
I once new life
I once walked in my pride
Now I am like a demon
Rotting trash of the dead

When he had finished this, I saw his mind slip away—his humanity gone forever. I turned to the Holy Spirit because my heart was breaking and I wanted to go home, but he said to me, “Humanity is a gift from God and the last to go in Hell. You will become like the one you served on the earth. This man is dead now like the rest of these. He will continue to die and become like his god.” I turned back to the withering man and watched him become tortured by demons biting him. A great beast of the sea arose from the ground and maliciously sneered at the man. It was his god who now owned this man.
Holy Spirit lifted me from the sea of fire back into my bedroom, and he gave me this warning, “There is no life in sin Micah. No promise of joy, no promise of value or worth. Sin leads to death. To those who do not know Him, receive Jesus now for His blood has washed away every sin. To those who call good evil and evil good beware of the snare of a cold heart. Hell is real Micah, and so is the Love of Jesus Christ.”