Encounters and Writings

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon

The Dragon looked towards me…”Praise the Holy Masters who have allowed me to speak with you, Son of Light.”

I understand that this may be a stretch for the mind. However, I am simply sharing what I have seen in heaven. I ask that you keep an open heart and search for the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Every true encounter will carry the fruit of the Holy Spirit which brings glory to Jesus–His character revealed! I will not try to convince you that what I have seen is real. That is not why this series is written. It is written so that you would see the beauty of God and the majesty of His hand in creation. Enjoy The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon

Our ride was swift across the emerald sky of heaven! The White Eagle soared through colored shapes and spheres that danced in His glory! Oh, what a wild ride–the wind blowing through my hair, the laughter of Jesus. The White Eagle was intense! The scent of His pure, white feathers that were gold at the tip are tangible with power and wisdom.

“Come!” The Eagle shouted! His countenance was brilliant with adventure! Jesus, in the form of the Eagle Chazah, loves to fly at high speed! I held on tight, but not with fear of falling! I knew I was safe with Him! As I continued to watch the sights and colors flying around us, I remembered I had no idea where we were going!

“Lord, where are we going?” I asked.

“We are going to the land of ice and snow; where the mountains are crystal, and giant creatures roam the land. My son, this is an area of ice dragons who love the taste of knowledge. Prepare your heart!”

We approached a land that was glowing like a diamond ring! I realized it was like this because of the mountains, as the Lord said. We slowed our speed to descend. The Lord, Chazah landed with grace. Then the Eagle closed His wings which allowed me to jump down onto the snowfield. Chazah, the white eagle, changed into Jesus smiling at me!

“Micah take a look at your surroundings, son.”

I observed the beautiful land as if we were in a snow globe! The gentle dance of snow drifted across the fields with a dazzling light! The descending snowflakes contained a soft fiery light, and you could hear them speaking to you! Snowflakes do not melt here either, nor is it so bitter cold that you feel uncomfortable. The open snowfield had voices humming to the wind–it was praise to Jesus! Wow! The trees that circled the surrounding area were like a crystal blue jewel, but the tree branches had leaves of many different shades of purple. I had this feeling that they moved to this position to welcome Jesus and me! Something is about to happen…

Jesus could sense my excitement, “Micah, there is so much to see! So much for you to understand.” After Jesus said this, small creatures as soft as cotton approached us. These small, cute creatures had huge eyes and reminded me of a stuffed animal. Their little feet made squeaking sounds while they walked on the snow. Their bodies were round like a cotton ball and the size of a basketball.

I too made a squeaking noise because of their adorable appearance. I could not keep myself from holding one! Jesus also held one.

“Micah there is a dragon I would like you to meet. I created him; I created all dragons, even the ones who fell from my presence. This one had asked to meet you and understand your name.” Jesus buried His face in the soft creature he held and gave it a kiss, then continued, “I want you to speak with him and remember what you have seen. Son, the enemy is a liar, and not all dragons are evil! In our adventures together, you have seen many places, but this one is crucial.” Jesus smiled while setting the small creature down and then disappeared.

I was alone. That was okay with me. I didn’t know where to go. I thought maybe the dragon would come to me! I sat in the snow playing with the snow creatures until a roar filled the sky! The snow creatures jumped up and down with their tiny squeaking feet saying, “Yay!”

I stood up ready to meet this fabulous dragon who asked for me as Jesus said. I felt honored in a way. I had no idea what I was going to say.

A mighty wind approached us with the sound of large wings moving up and down. Again, a loud roar came while the clouds parted above, revealing a majestic dragon!

This dragon hovered in the sky for a moment, then landed a few feet away leaving a loud boom that shook the ground. The snow creatures ran to Him, once again shouting, “Yay!” I stood still in awe of such a beautiful, powerful, but gentle creature.

Father God, has created a masterpiece. He was stunning in the glory of God. He was purple with sapphire horns that came up from his head like the horns of a ram. His wings were intensely large, and I could see stones of light inside them. Coming from his back were spikes of crystal, like the mountains in the distance. His claws were gold. His teeth were like ivory. In his chest, you could see the holy flame of God burning like a furnace. I could feel the heat of such an awesome flame touching my face. His tail was long with a unique medallion at the end of it. It was a star-like shape. Light glowed radiantly among the lights in this heavenly place.  The dragon attended to the soft snow creatures like a mother to her child. He was gentle, kind and I felt a great sense of honor.

He looked towards me and walked forward saying with praise, “Praise the Holy Masters who have allowed me to speak with you, Son of Light.” He lowered his powerful wings, “I honor our time together. The Holy Masters, are kind to us.” We both were silent as the fear of the Lord gripped our hearts for a time.

It was a God-fearing moment to wait in His presence. The dragon closed his eyes in worship; the love for God burned in his chest. I understood what created this fire; it’s the manifestation of the love of God. Dragon fire comes from God! After our pause in worship to the Lord, the dragon sat down with the snow creatures surrounding him. His eyes smiled at me.

He introduced himself, “I am Aviok Atune” (I did my best to spell it as I heard it). “You are much loved here. The Masters of the sky, have spoken much to me about you, Son of Light. Today I wish to hear your name.”    

“Come, sit with me, Micah,” The ice dragon called. I sat facing him among the shards of crystal and light. He was peaceful, as I knew he would be. In Heaven, dragons are friendly creatures. Much larger than an aragon, dragons are made out of elements: fire, water, earth, air, ice, light, and shadow. They are wise, delicate creatures who love to share knowledge of the Masters. The Masters is the name they give to God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.

Among the spirits of this fascinating world that Jesus brought me to, the ice dragon told me the meaning of his name, “My name means Great One Among the Crystals,” He said while he puffed up his chest. “You, Micah, what does your name mean? I want to taste the knowledge of your name. Speak it boldly.”

I paused a moment to get my bearings! Such a powerful creature, yet so misunderstood. The enemy is a liar and a thief. Satan has taken such wonder from God’s creation and claimed it as his own. The dragon cleared his throat to get my attention. My eyes turned to his sweet, innocent gaze. He lowered his head so that we were face to face.

I touched his nose and said, “My name means Who is Like God.”

Aviok Atune took a deep breath, “Yes, I smell its spices of your name. The flavor is rich in knowledge of the Master who created you.” He raised his head and said with passion, “Say your name again! Let, me feast on it one more time…”

I repeated, “My name means Who is Like God.” Suddenly a pillar of light shot out of my body. I realize it was the fire of God, like the dragon I too had fire. My mind was exploding with wonder and enlightenment.

Aviok Atune released fire into the air in response declaring, “My Master, now I have knowledge of you that I have not known until this moment. Bless your name forever!”

As the snow drifted across the land, a powerful windstorm pulled me towards a swirling vortex of great light! I held onto the dragon so that I could stand. The appearance of this storm was unlike anything I had seen before! From within the snowstorm of light, the Masters stepped forward! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had now come.

To be continued