Encounters and Writings

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: The Masters

Light and snow drifted up in a whirlwind as the Masters approached us. He is one powerful being of infinite wisdom: the Lord, three in one

Hello Friends! This is the next installment of The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon series. If you have not yet read the first part, you can here. I understand this may be striking to read as most Christians believe dragons are evil. I use to as well, but in my experience with them in heaven as well as their ferocious power against the Lord’s enemies, there are some who serve the Lord. Please read with an open heart.

Light and snow drifted up in a whirlwind as the Masters approached us. He is one powerful being of infinite wisdom: the Lord, three in one, the Masters as one–coming in glory. The Masters walked on top of the snow leaving prints of fire behind Him. The dragon lowered his head in reverence to the coming One in infinite Glory. I looked right into the face of the Masters while my thoughts drifted.  Such a name I pondered, as only One walked before me, but it was all of them in one form. The glory of such a Being gave music to the spinning snow, as it swirled around us with lyrics of beauty. The Masters came with destiny and purpose to speak as one voice of three. I knew it was the Trinity; I could feel it inside me. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were together as Lord. I wanted to fall on my face before Him as He continued to approach us leaving trails of fire, yet I wanted to continue to gaze on this new appearance of our Lord. The dragon, Aviok Atune, sighed deeply in peace. He loved the Masters; He lives for them.

The form of the Masters was like a man of silver and gold. Light flowed from His body like coils of fabric dancing in the wind. His features I could barely see because fire covered them like a veil. In the center of His chest, I saw a massive heart in which I could hear His heartbeat echoing into the atmosphere. Lightning was at the end of His fingertips, and His feet were on fire! His form appeared to be metallic in some way, but I am unsure. Above His head was the universe and the realms in which He created. Like a crown, the Masters carried the beauty and wisdom of every kingdom. The galaxies above His head sparked with life in the rhythm of His heartbeat. I did not see a robe of any kind, but just His form and the glory moving around Him. He seemed to be twenty feet tall, but It was hard to tell with so much power moving in and out of Him. In the Masters’ waist, I could see a soft moonlike glow which spoke lovely words that I cannot describe! The spoken words were in another tongue beyond my comprehension.

I continued to soak in the presence of this Glorious One who rules all things when I felt a tugging in my heart to look at the dragon who stood next to me.       

I whispered to the dragon, “Why do you love the Masters?”

Aviok Atune looked at me with a tearful countenance, “All dragons love the Masters of the Sky, The Lord of Fire. We humble ourselves because of His greatness.” He turned back towards the glory of the One who still approached us in power, and said again, “We worship you!”

When I turned back to the Masters, He now stood above me, and the veil of fire lifted from His face so that could look right into His lovely green eyes. Now, I could see more of His complexion. He was indeed composed of silver and gold. His skin had facets of transparent gold that carried flashes of fire in them. The Masters, the Lord God Almighty, looked right into my soul, and I could feel Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! As one, with three distinct voices, He said, “I know your face, Micah.” He gently touched my chin, “Do you know mine?”

“Yes, Lord. I know yours too. You are the one who rules all things, and you know me intimately.”

The Masters smiled, “Yes, and you know Me intimately. I have come to show you the story of the dragons, the Kingdom of Anithir, the land of dragons. You will travel through the written scrolls to see pieces of the great war of Lucifer the fallen star and the dragons. Some had left my glory to serve the lord of darkness. You will understand why Satan chose such a form of power to portray his deceiving greatness.”

My eyes must have been huge because the Masters stopped to chuckle, “There is much to read on the scrolls of Heaven, Micah. You will enter my heart to read them which will take you to that very moment in Anithir–the war of dragons and the Fallen Star. Remember what you have seen, son.”

The Masters turned to the dragon, Aviok Atune, “I will send you with him.”

Aviok Atune agreed, “I will go with Micah, but this trip will take much from him. He will need to return to his body, my Masters. The journey will become hard.”

The Masters touched my head, and a soft wind entered my stomach, “You will remain in functional strength. Now prepare yourself, son.”

The Masters stepped back, and His chest opened revealing an entirely new dimension of floating scrolls and books of light! I felt the power of unknowable knowledge and wisdom too deep to understand all within His heart. I wanted to enter, but I waited for His invitation. Gold steps appeared to lead up towards large doors of pearl-like light, which gave an aroma of ancient wisdom and knowledge. While the swirls of light and snow moved around us, Aviok Atune and I waited for the Masters’ to speak. The Masters spoke, “Are you ready? Step into my heart and see what man has not seen or heard. Go forth and understand…”

I stepped forward, and my journey to Anithir began.

To Be Continued