Encounters and Writings

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: The Lore Master

I am the Lore Master. I am the one who writes secrets in dreams upon your heart. I am the light of remembrance when you awake. I am the bringer of truth!”

Welcome visitors to the rest of our journey into the Master’s heart. This is the third part of The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon series.

The door leading into the Master’s heart sang about mysteries I had never heard before. I knew it was I who needed to step forward into His heart. The door waited for me patiently, and with a deep breath, I climbed the golden steps into the Master’s heart with Aviok Atune, the ice dragon.

Light overtook me for a brief moment until it cleared, allowing me to see into a whole new world of infinite knowledge and harmony. The dragon and I stood on a crystal ocean gleaming with diamonds and emeralds, and mountains embroidered the gentle sea like towering guards of wisdom and might. Unlike Earth, this realm contained a twilight sky, but its colors were so vibrant and almost soft, I could feel them! There were pine trees with floating orbs swaying in the calm wind.  The air was pure and delightful to your taste. I took a deep breath as the dragon’s wings lifted above me. Aviok was shaking off the snow that accumulated on his wings. He too was at peace with this place. The doors behind us closed, or maybe they disappeared, I am unsure what happened to them. This beautiful world captivated us; we wanted to stay as long as we could. The gentle waves from the crystal sea splashing against your feet, the mountains proclaiming their power among its visitors.  Yes, this place was inside the Masters, and I did not know what will become of me for seeing such beauty.

The Dragon, who accompanied me said, “It is your turn to know what is not known and to see what man cannot see less the Masters open a way. It is great humility that brings sight to the blind. You are learning to see, and to the one who asks, he shall see more.”

As our eyes beheld this brand new world around us, there was one who shown like a brilliant sun in the sky. Aviok’s eyes glowed with the glory that flowed from this heavenly being above the sea. Moreover, His appearance is as follows:

This transcendent Being sat cross-legged on a hovering gold pillow!  His head was like a bright flame on a candlestick. In golden robes, like an ancient emperor, was the appearance of this divine being.  Fire, water, and wind flowed together within His garment. With high precision and grace, He wrote on a scroll floating in front of Him with light!  Circling Him were hundreds of other manuscripts in gold with writings and stories that came alive! With His right index finger, He began to transcribe visions and dreams from within His heart. Like a dance, this Being moved the surrounding scrolls as if they were sheets of music floating in the wind.

I whispered to the Aviok, “Are we in Athwani?”

The Dragon answered, “No, we are in the Masters’ heart. I believe we will get to Athwani through Him.” The Dragon referenced this divine Being who was into His scripts and notes.

I couldn’t stop staring at His magnificence, but His sudden glare at me made my soul leap as a sound of waves rushed over the dragon and me.  

The Being spoke, “ I am the Lore Master. I am the one who writes secrets in dreams upon your heart. I am the light of remembrance when you awake. I am the bringer of truth!” When He said this, the sea of glass in which we stood on changed.  I could now see millions of people below the Lore Master, sleeping on their beds, as He wrote on the scrolls of human hearts. They were dreaming! Then the Lore Master said, “Welcome to the Realm of Dreams– the vault of worlds and mysteries.”  The Lore Master raised His left hand, and the Dragon and I floated up towards the scrolls. I realized how big the Lore Master was as we hovered in front of Him. His eyes of green-blue fire observed us. He said, “You have questions? I will answer them.”

Aviok and I flew before Him as I inquired, “Who are you?”

The Lore Master answered, ” I am He who danced upon the deep when the earth was without form. I am the one who descends with tongues of fire or with refreshing water. I am the great sound of wind that rushes through the deep. I am  He who makes things known that are unknown to man. I stand among the Two as the Third. I am the breath of God! I AM! “

Fresh wind entered our souls–indeed He is the Breath of God.

I asked, “Why do you call yourself the Lore Master?”

The Lore Master waved His arm causing the transcripts to float around…revealing dreams and worlds I have never believed I could see. All things flow from His heart.  The Lore Master said, ” I am the one who creates dreams and shows you how they can be understood. I bring forth understanding into the realms hidden by natural sight. I write them on scrolls so that you would never forget the promises, dreams, and stories I have promised you.” His eyes turned to those sleeping peacefully on the earth, “Look at these little ones [people] who are sleeping peacefully on earth. They are connected to me in their dreams, and yet, they still do not believe that what I show them is more real than the air they breathe.”

I watched the Lore Master interact with everyone who slept and waited to see what He would show them. I saw creatures dance in their minds; I saw worlds and realms, I saw the Lord Jesus speaking to them instructions for what is to come.

I was emotional, “You are so close to us always Oh God.”

The Lore Master responded, “I am close to you; even in your dreams. It is my greatest desire. Watch as you sleep in the night, for I will write upon the scrolls of your heart.”

Aviok Atune and I bowed to worship the Lore Master who is the Holy Spirit. Aviok, the dragon said, “My Lord will you show us my homeland Athwani? Micah has been blessed to see the land of dragons, and I must accompany Him. “

The Lore Master smiled, ” Yes I am the one who sent you.” He waved His hand, and a giant scroll floated down in front of us. It unraveled as far as I could see–creating a portal of light. “When you are ready, you may go. This story you are about to see will forever change you, son. The Fallen Star, Lucifer, shall appear during this event in heaven so that he may claim the dragons as part of his army. Learn well what you see.”

I took a deep breath, “I don’t know if I am ready. This assignment is so much, who will believe me?”

The Lore Master answered, “Those who know not will believe. Those who think they know will look away from what is true. To the one who surrenders their mind, will hear and see, but you must not worry about that. That is not your problem. Those who do not believe are never meant to be your problem because you have no power over them. You cannot open hearts;  it is my spirit that opens hearts. You speak what you hear and see; I will do the rest.

The dragon lowered his head, “Come climb on me; we will fly together. You are ready because God is with you.” The Dragon lifted me with his right wing so that I would sit on his back. “Hold on, Micah! We will fly fast through this portal; to the time of dragons.”

The Lore Master smiled, “Blessings to you both. Now go!”

Aviok raised his enormous wings and flew at tremendous speed through the scroll that had now become a portal to the World Athwani.

To be continued.