Encounters and Writings

The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon: The Great Egg

First, we must learn the dance of fire; in which the movement of the Masters spun the Great Egg into being which brought forth the first harvest of dragons.

Before we continue our journey to Athwani, it is time for you to understand the creation of dragons and how they began. Even a powerful beast has an intro into the created world of Athwani. The dragons call their world The Great Egg, but the angels call it Athwani. The Masters, who are the creators of all realities, humans, angels, and other spiritual creatures saw fit to make beasts of the spirit who are mighty in strength and composed of light. For the flames of light are not foreign to the Masters. As it says in His word, “Our God is an all-consuming fire.  Also, does it not say that a river of fire flows from the Ancient of Days? The Masters harvested The Great Egg in which was held every species of dragons. The firstborn from this egg would rule under the leadership of the Masters.

The Great Egg is the world in which nest all dragons, from the highest of orders, the Zenech, to the lowest, the Aragons. First, we must learn the dance of fire; in which the movement of the Masters spun the Great Egg into being which brought forth the first harvest of dragons.

In the first fire dance, The Masters formed a great egg of gold and light. In it, they spun the mountains, trees, and fields of silver rivers and diamond lakes. With a sway of their hands, they created the sun and moon, and nebulas slept peacefully amid the moonlight. Each of the clouds were laid in the sky by The Masters to drift shadows of warmth over the ground.  On this beautiful world, I saw The Masters weave their wisdom and knowledge into their creations.

The Master of the Voice said, “With my voice, I speak. Come forth the spirit of the first dragon.”

The Master of the Sky held His breath then blew on the land creating the spirit of the first dragon. The Lore Master wrote down the first name given to the dragon spirit, Zinich the Elohim. He would stand among the Cosmic Council–the first dragon to see the face of the Masters.

The Master of the Voice commanded, “You will be my priest, and I will make you wise to rule over Athwani, The Great Egg.  You will carry my writings, teachings, and ways of the Masters and you will bring down from the sky all that I will show you!”

The Master of the Sky said, “So be it!” He blew up the dragon’s spirit until unfathomable light that formed the shape of an egg around the dragon’s spirit.  The Masters danced around the egg. They did this first fire dance until the dragon egg hatched, revealing the firstborn of dragons, Zinich, The Dragon High Priest of Athwani.

The appearance of such a dragon is worth mention. Zinich’s wings were like a gleaming diamond, and his skin was white with flowing streams of gold. Written on Zinich’s wings were words that glowed when the sunlight touched them. He stood on his hind legs to walk if he wished. Zinich stood taller than most earthly buildings, and the trees were like twigs to him.

Zinich presented himself before the Masters with his broad chest. The Masters were pleased with his apparent boldness because strength, courage, and gentleness, are the pillars of a dragon’s personality.  Zinich worshiped the Masters with his wings and a great roar from deep within his soul.

The Lore Master said, “With these wings, you will instruct all who come after you and the wisdom of the Masters you will carry with you.” Zinich received his authority and began to build a city of breath, water, and fire. When other eggs hatched, they joined Zinich, the high priest, and he taught them about the Masters. This is the first order of dragons that were created. The Zenech were white and gold dragons anointed to minister to the Masters. The Zenech have visions of the Masters which give insight into what is unknown.

After some time, another egg hatched and Zinich went out to meet the new breed of Dragons. These were dragons of the elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Built with scales of stone and wings of awesome power, each was a gift to the Great Egg. This group of dragons is called Galith, the housing of gifts. Zinich, the firstborn, taught the Galith how to use their gifts by spreading his wings for them to read and see. The Galith saw the face of the Masters and served them well. The Galith is the second order of dragons.

When the Galith and Zenech came together for mates, lesser dragons called Aragons were born to them; beautiful, peaceful creatures who are not as powerful as the first two types of dragons, but equally loved by the Masters. Aragons are dragons, but smaller, and their wings are attached to the front of their legs! Sometimes they hide in the clouds of Athwani as they can blend into whatever they touch. These dragons do not breathe fire or any other element like the  Zenech or Galith, but they can hide in plain sight when they do not wish to be seen.

The Great Egg prospered, and the angels who protected their knowledge kept their secrets in the libraries of heaven. Great angels larger than the stars watched the Great Egg, but the angels gave it another name because to them the planet danced. Thus the angels called it Athwani. The dragons lived in incredible peace and were skilled in colors and energies that flowed through the world. Many surrounding realms looked to the dragons for understanding of the energies and colors. Even the great king–the fiery bird, Bwenith, saw the dragons as mighty and traded knowledge to know the energies of the realms. Zinich would commune with the Masters and His wings would carry the answers! As the realms saw the wisdom of Great Egg it became known as a place of influence and study, for time had allowed many of the created beings to come and learn. The Masters saw this and blessed the dragons with more knowledge and power.

It was Zinich who suggested among the council of the Elohim that great bridges would be built connecting the created worlds together. He communed with Masters and insight was given on how to harness the energies to make a bridge of multicolored light. The Master showed Zinich the Hall of Worlds, a place of uncreated realms yet to be seen.

It was here the Masters said, “I will give to you the understanding of the worlds and their kings, but this one,” The master formed a small blue planet resembling earth, “I will keep to myself. For it is here I shall make what has never been seen or heard. I shall make those who will carry my image. They will look, speak, and act as I do. This place will have my focus.” Zinich’s eyes glowed by the charming blue light from planet Earth. His desire to know was hindered by the Masters, thus his sight was taken from him for a time when the vision had ended. When his sight returned he told all the inhabitants about the blue planet that is to come. Zinich could not tell the dragons and other beings more than what he had seen. He only knew that those who are to come from the blue planet called Earth will be like the Masters, the creator of the universe, and all that is within them will shine with His light!

Zinich, the firstborn, would lead the Great Egg in wisdom, grace, and power as the realms know the dragons as a race of incredible power.  However, on the day the stars fell, Lucifer, the fallen angel, also planned to deceive the dragons into his army. Zinich, who stood among the council of the Elohim would not let his kin come into such darkness. Among the council, he questioned the Lord Jesus’ plan to stop the fallen angel from his quest to destroy all that was good, but that story is for another time.

For now, we will return to the Sea of Stories, where the Master of the Voice split the sea leading to Athwani. Aviok Attune and I now make our way the Great Egg, the dancing world called Athwani.