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The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon: The City of Fire

My eyes opened to see the essence of these beautiful dragons. Their hearts are burning with colored fire–a flame so rich in passion for the one who created them. It was like they carried a piece of God’s glory.

The Master Of the Voice said, “Go. I send you now.” Aviok picked me up and placed me on His back! With a giant rush of his wings, we went through the opening sea towards the beautiful world, Athwani.

In silence, we flew past the stars and floating rocks towards Aviok’s home, but I could tell his silence was not peaceful. He seemed a bit angst-ridden with what was about to happen. I remembered that he had lived these events before. We were going back in time to see how the dragons became corrupted by Lucifer’s deception. I began to empathize with Aviok. He was returning to an event that broke him. Maybe he didn’t want to be here for this. 

I asked him, “Are you all right?”

The dragon spoke softly, “Micah, I am all right. I remember what I lost here; the great bridge, my family, my wife–she serves the Red Dragon now.”

“Satan?” I asked, “Satan is the Red Dragon?”

Aviok sighed, “Yes, she has become a monster of violence as he is. She was a white dragon, a Zenech. She was so beautiful, and I am a Galith, a creature of ice and snow. We came together and married under The Masters, but Satan swayed her into darkness.”

I could feel his grief. “I am so sorry, Aviok.”

He interrupted, “It’s all right, Micah. You must understand. Christ Jesus is everything to us! Jesus filled the entire heavens with his word, and His voice keeps us all together. Like you, he saved us! You will see, but the rest of our restoration comes at the rising of the Sons of God; that is you. All creation is waiting for the coming of the Sons of God. After your Father restores your world, the heavens will become new, and Athwani will shine as it once was.”

His words drew my attention to the approaching planet as the dragon said, “All things will be made new. Today, you will see the story of great, powerful creatures who once lived in the light, prosperity, and peace, but the Red Dragon, in his jealousy, waged war on the heavens for a season and Athwani was his next feast.”

We continued to fly.

Like a shooting star, we entered the atmosphere of Athwani! The sky was clear; the mountains were mighty! I could see the silver rivers! The jeweled grass of light! We came to a massive stone gate which had two dragons made of rock that watched us. 

The Galith, stone dragons, with the power of rock and soil, stood to watch! They crossed their arms while standing up straight. Each one had enormous wings made of mud and stone, and their claws and teeth were a sharp rock. They had more sharp rocks like horns coming from their snouts at a sharp-pointed angle. Two more horns came from the tops of their heads but curved down like that of a goat. 

I was slightly intimidated by their presence because I wondered who these two guards were trying to keep out. We landed on the stone pavement, which was somehow floating in the air. I realized the gate was floating by some supernatural power. The stone wall was just a wall. I saw no doors; just a wall that completely guarded us from entering the city. 

The stone dragons spoke, “Name, please.” 

“I am Aviok Attune, a high ranking Galith. My wife is Zameria, a Priestess of the Voice. “

“You may greet us with fire,” A stone dragon spoke. “Speak to us with fire.” The three dragons breathed fire towards one another, creating a sphere of molten lava! I could hear their language, but I did not understand it. After they finished their greetings, the stone dragons looked at me.

The stone dragon to the left of the gate said, “A human? You are here early, or should I call you a Son? I know who you are. You are the offspring of our creator; the companion of the one who created us.” The dragon leaned forward, “Do you know who you are? I always wanted to look at a human.” He continued to inspect me. “You are made by fire and light too. I can see it.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just agreed with what I knew. “I am a Son of light.” My voice shook because I was nervous. 

The stone dragons agreed together, “You may enter our city.” 

The stone wall crumbled down enough to form an opening, so that we could pass. Aviok walked through the gate onto a bridge of multiple colors. The energized bridge was glowing like a rainbow! I have seen this before in heaven, but I didn’t know it was also on other worlds. 

I was mesmerized by the bridge when Aviok’s voice caught my attention, “Micah, look. Welcome to our home; Tel Hasi, city of smoke and light.”

My eyes glowed from the glorious city’s light, which resembled a giant bonfire burning hot with the colors orange, yellow, blue, and red. It is beyond my description to convey the expanse of this city fully. However, I could feel the presence of God. There were no buildings, but structures, or ideas, formations; I do not know how to describe it. 

While I was mounted on the dragons back, Aviok interrupted my moment of wonder, “Micah, I am glad you had the chance to see the city before the flame dies.”

I looked down towards Aviok, “The flame dies?” I remembered this is the past. How could such a beautiful place die? Maybe that’s why most of the dragons are in heaven now and not on Athwani. Satan destroyed this world. I asked, “Do you miss your home, Aviok?”

The dragon didn’t answer. I could feel that he did. He continued his steady walk across the bridge towards the city. “Micah, We will meet an Elohim Zinich, the firstborn of Dragons. He is coming to greet you. He has much power and communes with The Masters.

Coming from the flaming city, Zinich the Elohim came with a host of Galith and Zameria, Aviok’s wife.  I have seen Zinich before among the council of the Elohim, but I didn’t know that Athwani was his realm. He recognized me. I do not understand how eternity works. 

He called me as he approached, “Greetings, Micah, son of light. You have traveled far to see the fall of this city.” He spoke with his mind to my spirit. “You have come on a day as terrible as the one when Lucifer attacked Council.” Zinich spoke with his mouth now, “Aviok, welcome! You have brought with you a Seed of Adam. 

Aviok bowed with respect, then looked to his wife, Zameria. “Greetings.”

She bowed with a kind smile. “Seed of Adam, we are honored to have you with us.” She nodded at me.

I had never seen a female dragon before. Zameria was beautiful and equal to the males in strength and nobility. I could feel her power from within my spirit, yet she was full of grace. Her appearance was like a soft glowing jewel settling in the sun. Her wings carried gentle feathers like the Zenech race, the white dragons. Her countenance was kind, but her eyes were fierce with wisdom and focus. There were feathers coming from her head that appeared to be a light blue and the tips were gold.  Her long tail had a symbol I could not read at the tip, but it spoke to me. Still, I cannot quote you its sayings as I do not know the language of dragons. Zameria’s feathers held the sayings of The Masters when they commune with the sky. Like Zinich she served in the temple of Athwani along with her kin. 

Aviok loved her. In seeing her again, I noticed the soft movements of pain rise in his face. He turned to me, eyes with tears — she was such a beautiful creature now in darkness.

Zinich, an Elohim, had wings that were like a gleaming diamond, and his skin was white with flowing streams of gold. Written on Zinich’s wings were words that glowed when the sunlight touched them. He was mighty in grace, but terrible in power. He also had large feathers shining in excellent light. He was the most beautiful of dragons and the ruler of Athwani. The horns coming from his head were solid gold and sparkled with flashes of fire.  He spoke, “Come with us, and we will show you the temple of worship. All dragons serve The Master, Yahweh, also known as The Master of The Sky. The Zenech commune with him and we record on our wings his sayings.”

My eyes opened to see the essence of these beautiful dragons. Their hearts are burning with colored fire–a flame so rich in passion for the one who created them. It was like they carried a piece of God’s glory. I had to focus to see it and I don’t know why such focus was needed. Whether they were Zenech, Galith or Aragon–they all had a different colored fire within their hearts that spread outward. 

Aviok said, “You are seeing a dragon’s true form. All of us are the same, Micah. We may have different names, functions, and abilities, but we are all made by fire. You are different. You are more than us; you come from the heart of our Masters. No other creature comes from the intimate place of His heart. Dragons are creatures of honor and we  honor that a Seed of Adam would walk in our city.”

Aviok sighed again with a slight sadness as if he remembered the fate that was to come to his world. “It will all be gone soon, Micah. Learn what you must from this place because black smoke will soon rise.”

Zinich, in an authoritative tone, broke the silence, “Micah, Aviok, come with me.” I could see in his eyes that he knew what was happening. Maybe he was brought back through time to see this place again. I wasn’t sure. His eyes spoke to me, “Do grieve, Micah…”

Aviok, Zemeria, and I followed Zinich with his host of Galith into the burning city of fire.

This is where my story with Aviok, the ice dragon, ends for now. You will have to wait until the book comes out to continue the experience I had with these magnificent creatures. Please understand my goal in this series was to show you how powerful you truly are in Christ, not to prove dragons are real. The truth is within the interactions I had with these creatures. The purpose is that Jesus is glorified and that you would come into a greater understanding of your sonship. Even the spiritual beings and creatures know who you are. How about you?

Thank you so much for reading! More will come! Look for the book when it’s released.

Micah Turnbo