Encounters and Writings

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: Master of The Voice

I am the Master of The Voice. The One who is the eternal Word. I command the sea and its waves. I know every story from beginning to end.

Please refer to the beginning The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon story for the full context.

As I continue my journey, the dragon Aviok Attune carried me through the scroll; into another realm, that leads to Athwani.

Aviok Attune rushed forward, leaving a trail of fire behind him as he entered the portal created by the scroll. His wings cut through the wind and waves with power. As my vision cleared, I could see that we were flying over a vast sea of stories and time. It was an ocean with enormous waves rising to the sky like a whirlwind. The ice dragon weaved through the large spinning waves with little effort. As I studied our surroundings, I saw time below us! In this ocean, stories of the created realms played below us.

The dragon said, “This is what is inside the scroll Micah; we are outside time looking into movement. The Masters see the rising sea and all that is in it. The wars, death, life–the beginning and end–The Masters see it all. He commands the sea to be still. He tells the waves to rise or to fall. It is His authority the waves of life obey.” Aviok soured over the vast sea with such peace; I did not fear to fall. I held onto the back of his neck with complete trust.

Suddenly, coming out of the clouds, I saw eight huge angels! Mighty angels with bodies shaped like a skeleton key. Their wings were solid gold and silver and their eyes all over their bodies were rubies. These angels descended together in perfect harmony. I noticed bowls, carried by the eight angels, had lightning inside them.  There was a loud sound brought with their presence. They stood on the sea with its rising waves and poured their bowls into the ocean. Lightning flashed so brightly that I had to look away.

I asked the dragon, “What are they?”

The Dragon answered, “Angels of time. They stand within the scroll to release answered prayer. Prayers from the righteous accomplish much Micah, and they do not just affect your world. Humans carry so much power that even the dimensions must change. These angels oversee these changes, then report them to the Masters.”

When the angels had finished pouring out the prayers upon the sea, heaven opened and took the angels of time to the throne of God where they are to wait for His command.  I was in awe of such a scene. Surely there is more to these angels, but I didn’t ask the dragon for more knowledge about them. We seemed to fly for a while around the spinning waves until I saw another fantastic sight.

There appeared on the sea, a man in blazing light! His light was so powerful that voices flowed from Him. It was then I realized that the man standing on the sea was the Lord. He was causing the wave to rise, and when He commanded them, they would become still. Ripples of endless glory gushed from His being which pushed the dragon back.  Aviok flew through the glory storm with all his might.

As quickly as my thoughts, everything became silent. I could only hear the Lord’s voice. I could no longer hear the sea, the wind, or the wings of the dragon; just His voice.

My eyes fixed only on Him as the dragon rushed through this storm; the Lord said, “I am the Master of The Voice. The One who is the eternal Word. I command the sea and its waves. I know every story from beginning to end. Chaos is under my feet; as the sea rises so is the calming of my voice. The Master of The Voice raised His right hand and a sword of eternal power formed in His hand. The extension of this sword pierced the sky, and I heard the sound of glass shattering. The Master of The Voice said, “Is not my voice the beginning of life? Was it not I who spoke the heavens and all that dwell within them into being?” Then the sword turned upside down and pierced the sea. Water rushed towards the sky as the sword broke the sea! I heard the voice of the Lord enter each story below us.  Then with a wave of His hand, the sword disappeared and the sea was calm.

The dragon had become tired and descended upon the sea to rest. He could stand on the waters. With a deep breath, Aviok Attune said, “Let me hear the sound of your voice one more time my Master. Calm the sea in the hearts of your creation. You who spoke the world into being; you are the eternal Word of God–Jesus, son of the living God.”

Slowly the Master of the Voice opened His mouth and fire blew upon us. His voice was so intense that the dragon fell to the ground. I fell on my face by the fierce, blazing fire rushing through me. The Master said, “I will calm the sea of chaos and fire will overwhelm all who listen to me. The voice of the Lord is powerful! The voice of the Lord is mighty. Who can silence what is to come?”

I managed to look into the eyes of the Master only for a moment when He said, “Come, listen to what I have to say.” He walked forward on the waters saying, “I am the beginning and the end. Nothing is hidden from me. My voice brings life, and it destroys. That same voice is in you, Micah.” The Master of The Voice once again waved His hand, and the sea opened up beneath, revealing a beautiful planet more massive than our earth.  The waters poured into the void around us as we looked into the opening of my next destination.

The dragon said through his labored breath, “This is Athwani, the world of dragons.” He looked towards the Master, “Send us.”

To be continued.