Encounters and Writings

The White Gazelle

You hear the steps of one approaching as you rest on the tree. Out of the morning light, He appears like that of a young white gazelle.

In heaven, there are images that represent Christ. What is different about these heavenly images is that they are actual tangible things that you can experience. This is why Jesus is a layered being! Not only is He God, but He is God with thousands of layers burning with revelation to the one who desires to look for them. Jesus Christ will appear in forms that require us to search deeper. I will share with you one of these images you see in heaven.

There is a forest in heaven called, The Forest of Ion. It is a giant tree that creates an island on the crystal sea. It is the most beautiful place to visit. The leaves of this giant tree are budding like roses, which emit the most pleasurable fragrances you can imagine. As you walk under the branches of this tree, there are spirits, beautiful spirits dancing among the leaves like soft fabrics in the wind. But that is not all; this tree is alive! You place your ear next to the tree, and you can hear it breathing while the warmth of its embrace overshadows you. Sounds from the spirits above, in an unknown language, speak to your soul of one who shines in the brilliant light of the morning–they call Him the Master of the Living Tree; the King of the Island of Ion.

You hear the steps of one approaching as you rest on the tree. Out of the morning light, He appears like that of a young white gazelle.

He steps forward in full blazing glory like that of a brilliant white star. His form is like illuminating glass; like rays of light. He has a crown of antlers mingled with fire. He is peaceful; He has an authority that no one can take from Him. His legs are muscular, and His large neck shimmers with gold from the glory given to Him. Coming down on either side of His antlers are great pearls glowing with wisdom. This Gazelle is the jewel of the forest, the Lord of the Living Tree.


You can hear Him speak. Yes, you can listen to His voice, it’s like a loud echo in your mind; profound words that must be sought out to understand. He looks down on you with grace and mastery of all knowledge. You know Him. Hidden in your heart, you know this Master of the Living Tree. Looking right into His eyes, it is like the veil of hiddenness is removed and you recognize the image standing before you.

Excitement shortens your breath. Your body wiggles uncontrollably! Your heart pounds as love is calling you away with the King whom you know! He looks into your eyes intensely. The king commands you to come…He commands you to run with Him, to skip over the mountains and eat from the Living Tree.

He gazes through the window of your heart. He breaks down the walls of comfort and earthly pleasure and says,


I say Yes Lord Jesus!   

The name of this beautiful High King is Kodesh The Glorious

“My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Look! There he stands behind our wall, gazing through the windows, peering through the lattice,” –Song of Solomon 2:9