Encounters and Writings

The Webspinner

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. I heard the sound of thunder approaching. A loud voice echoed, “Enough!”

It is not often I share my encounters with demons, but I wish to share this encounter, or rather, the Lord has asked me to. Please read this short story below with a heart to understand, so that you may know the kingdom of darkness. 

Spiders began to fall from my ceiling as if each leg reached for me. Their webs were not typical; they glowed green like they were poisonous. I was startled by this, so I tried to swat the spiders away. 

The atmosphere changed, I had entered a very unclean realm. Sharp rock, with all kinds of terrifying bugs crawling on it, surrounded me. The sky was a blood red with floating spider eyes. These bugs turned into demonic beings that cried out in a wicked scream towards me. They appeared as gangly and deformed beasts; like rotting flesh. Their clawed hands oozed some kind of bile that smelled terrible.  

“Lord!” I cried out, “Get me out of here, please! Help me!” Coming from the distance, a dark being approached me. He was in a black royal robe with emerald jewels embedded in the fabric. He was given a crown of worms around his head. His pointed ears were pierced with ornaments. There was a ring of thorns around his middle finger that nested a yellow diamond. He was escorted by two walking demons of rotting flesh. These two flesh demons were chained together by the demonic prince who had come to meet with me.

The surrounding demons moaned as the demonic prince came closer. He inspected my form. I felt sick to my stomach when he smiled as if I was pleasurable to him. He was not Satan, but part of Satan’s government. You can say, this “prince” once served God, but now is in darkness. This demonic prince introduced himself with a bow from the waist. 

“I am The Webspinner, and I wish to make a deal with you. Let us come to an agreement. You have caused much problems in my domain, Micah. If you serve me, The Webspinner, you may have some of my lands, and I will take your voice.” He stepped closer, “I am no warrior. I work in the office. These worms (demons) who squabble around, serve me, much like how the angels serve you. You may keep them… I just want your voice. It is good for us to make a deal.” He stepped even closer and whispered, “Come, Satan doesn’t have to know. Come, join my domain. If I had the power, I would sit on his throne. I would take it for my own, but I need power. The sons of…the…” He could not say the name of God. It was too heavy for the fallen prince. 

I turned my eyes away, “Father help me!” I would not look at him any longer. 

“Webspinner!” Another sinister voice called among the webs of this fallen domain. Lucifer had descended from above with his feet dripping in some kind of bile. His dirty feet made me nauseous. “I was passing by when I heard your voice of schemes against me…you are like a spider toying with its prey before you devour it.” 

Webspinner stepped back, from me, “Keep your mouth shut.”

He bowed to Satan, “My lord, you have come…” The Webspinner raised his hands using his powers to light up the area revealing the entire land covered in spider webs and other filthy creatures. 

“This one is mine…” He threatened Satan while changing into a massive spider…

Spider legs pierced through the stomach of the Webspinner. The demons who were under his leadership screeched with great contempt at the Webspinner’s true form–a spider of great poisons from the demonic realm. His domain shook at the might of such a terrible monstrosity.

Satan smirked, “You dare resist me. I am the one that made your ring. I showed you how to attain your crown of worms. You spew witchcraft because of me, and now you battle against the rightful king?”

Webspinner’s voice was now cruel, “You are not welcome in my domain! Curse you! You hoard your gifts like a dragon who sleeps in its stolen gold. You know nothing of these creatures who claim to have authority over you (Webspinner was talking about me). He is mine. I will sit on your throne!”

Satan roared as his eyes changed red like a violent beast. Coming from his back was a pair of dragon wings in frightening black smoke. Satan threatened the Webspinner, “You, I will tear you apart starting with your legs. I will rip you apart! Give me that man of God.”

Satan, with great fury, pulled a sword from his chest and assaulted the spider. His sword had a great eye near the handle that appeared to be bleeding all over his hands. It was once a beautiful sword, but now it resembles the lust in his heart for blood. Satan thrives on chaos and violence.

The Webspinner was a manipulator of terrible magic. I am unsure if he was more powerful in his domain, but he used a source of enchanting relics from stones that hovered around his form. His eight eyes glowed green, witchcraft, perhaps this is where those acquire such powers–this is the demon they serve–the Webspinner. He could control the webs that covered the area like ghoulish, clawed hands to crush his victims. Webspinner summoned countless other spiders and demonic creatures to fight for him with his telepathic abilities.

Satan cut the smaller demons down in mad laughter. Yes, he was crazy…murder makes him crazy! I saw how much these beings had fallen from the grace and beauty God had once given them.

They were fighting over me; over my voice. These two princes wanted my authority. I did not know what else to do but stand still. I didn’t want to move. I will admit, I was afraid. I called out to the Lord for help again and again. As I covered my head, I screamed, “Help me!”

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. I heard the sound of thunder approaching. A loud voice echoed, “Enough!” A great and powerful bolt of lightning crashed in between the Webspinner’s army and Satan, separating them. It was a stream of liquid light from above so blinding to the demons that they moaned in terrible pain. Stepping out of the light was a mighty angel.

Michael had stepped out of the light in golden armor, with fiery glory coming from his eyes. He used his bronze wings of light to push back the Webspinner and Satan. Like children, these two demons threw tantrums.

Michael said with authority, “Back up now!”

Satan relinquished his attacks and turned to leave. He mocked the Webspinner’s failed attempts to overrule the lord of darkness’ throne. Satan’s wings lowered as he walked away, “Cross me again Webspinner, and I will burn your realm to the ground.” Satan entered a portal of darkness to his fallen castle, then vanished.

The Webspinner, however, was not pleased with Michael’s presence. He cursed Michael again and again. His language was horrible; I will not write what he said to the angel during his moment of defeat.

I felt the Lord’s peace come into my spirit as Michael looked towards me with a slight smile as if to say, you will be all right. I dropped to my knees, I was tired.

Webspinner said, “You! I hate you! Get out of my way!: He tried to muster strength against Michael’s power, but it was not good enough. The angelic prince stabbed him, as quick as light, in the abdomen. I could hear the sound of the demonic prince’s bones breaking.

Webspinner squealed in such excruciating pain as his guts fell out of him. His realm trembled in distress too. They were connected. Webspinner stumbled back, “No! No! Look what you have done…” He vanished.

Michael turned to me once more as this demonic realm tumbled apart. He dashed toward me, picking me up, “You will be all right, Micah. The Lord is always with you. We must leave quickly.”

We launched into the sky to escape the domain of the Webspinner. As Michael and I ascended, the angel dodged falling stones swiftly, “We are almost there. Make sure you breathe.”  I held onto him as tightly as I could.

In one last push against the falling stones, Michael and I reached clear skies above the demonic domain into Heaven.

The reason I share this encounter is so that you understand the power of your voice in the spirit realm. The angels understand its value and seek to protect it. The demons and fallen spirits understand stand it and seek to control you; to use you. May we surrender our hearts to God.