Encounters and Writings

The Tears of Intimacy

He looked right into my eyes and placed my hands on His tears and asked, “Micah, can you feel my tears this time?”

Each one of us can have intimacy with the Lord. Did you know that? Jesus wants you to know Him, and in doing so, you know the Father.  I believe that the real issue with seeing so few who desire intimacy with the Lord is that most think that intimacy is only for a select few, or that intimacy sounds too romantic. Did you know that you are responsible for how deep your relationship can go with the Lord?

It’s true, Jesus has given up everything to have everything in you, and He is waiting for you to give up everything for Him.

Let’s step into the heart of Jesus for a moment. Brace yourselves because this will challenge your way of thinking.

Jesus sat across from me–His heart exploded with emotion, “Micah, I did not die to have more Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists, or Pastors. I did not lay my life down so that they would have significant ministries. I did not spill my blood so that they would receive lofty ideas or systems that can move nations.” Jesus looked into His hands and sighed deeply!

I watched Him as His heart spilled out His desire to be known. His voice shook, “Micah, I died to have my family. I desire to be known too as you do. I poured out all I have for you because I wanted to be close to you. My Father planned this…we weren’t thinking of great men with renown ministries; we were thinking of a family!”

I stood up and walked over to sit next to Him. He looked right into my eyes and placed my hands on His tears and asked, “Micah, can you feel my tears this time?” He collapsed His head in my hands and wept terribly. “Oh that they would know who I am, my son, but they won’t receive me. They want what’s in my pocket, but not Me.” My hands dripped with the tears poured out upon them. I felt His pain…His pain in His heart for His family! He wants His brothers and sisters! He did everything He could to restore His family back to our Father. He has done everything that is needed, but even so, some do not receive Him. Even some of His children do not receive Him. They only want what hides in His pocket for their goals or benefits.

As Jesus wept, the sky turned a blood orange in response to Jesus’ emotions. The trees swayed low as the wind moved through the forest. Everything was responding to Him…to His desire. The brooks sighed as if they were crying too. The angels who were flying about stopped what they were doing to watch their Creator weep for those He loves so passionately.

As for me, I just held His head in my hands. That’s all I could do. I listened to Him weep.

I lifted His head and asked, “Jesus, what do you want me to do? I want to do something. What do you want me to do?”

Jesus held my hands and smiled, “Receive Me Micah and bring Me, friends. Tell them that the Creator longs to be received by those He loves! Tell my children, I have given everything, and now I wait…”

Jesus has given up everything for you, and now He waits. Your choice now remains–a simple but profound choice. What will you do?

Jesus wants to be known. Jesus wants to be chosen.