Encounters and Writings

The Secret: Speed Of Light

I fell into Jesus’ arms when he lifted me high above his head with a spin, just as quickly as breathing! The light formed around us like vibrant ribbons. With a burst of laughter, he shouted, “I love you!”

Again and again, he said those beautiful words, holding me up with both hands. His smile lit up my heart! His white teeth were beaming, his hair swaying, his garment pulsating; everything about him was bright with joy. As he spun me around above his head, he lowered his left arm and held me with only his right arm. He flipped me over onto my back with one arm so that his hand would rest in between my shoulder blades on my back. I draped over his hand with my hands hanging at my sides! 

My right knee raised and my foot pointed, and the other was relaxed and pointed. He spun me around and around, laughing! I looked up into the clouds, watching great whales swimming in the sky, rushing through large clouds. Schools of fish passed around the whales swiftly. The atmosphere was the ocean. How enchanting. I smiled wide and pointed up to the sky, when suddenly, Jesus took off like a rocket into the clouds. He flipped me over to his back side while he flew in between the whales and schools of fish. I wrapped my arms around his neck; with uncontrolled laughter, I continued to point at the giant whales singing to us while they leaped through the gigantic clouds.

Jesus shouted to me as the wind smashed through us at high speeds, “Faster and faster! The Kingdom is coming faster and faster, Micah! Hold on to me, make space for the things you need, not the things you want. My Kingdom has come, and it is coming fast.” Jesus flipped around to face me with his arms tight around my back. We now faced each other, nose touching. He let go of me while raising his hands! As I felt His warm, fresh breath, he shouted, “Wahoo!” 

I screamed, “Yeah!” I did not fall! I was perfectly balanced on his body. We were in complete trust in each other. Jesus said, “You are safe when you are in balance with me. You cannot control the Kingdom, but you can control your balance. Lean on me, rest in me, laugh with me.” Jesus then lifted me above him while still in flight, “You can fly too, Micah! Go on, try…” He let go, and I flew with him side by side. He led the way around the clouds, whales, and schools of fish.

Jesus, by my side, winked playfully then flew past me. I tried to catch up to him until he stopped in front of me, and I crashed into him, and we tumbled through the air! We laughed through each ungraceful somersault until we came to a clearing, revealing the most astonishing scene I have ever witnessed…