Encounters and Writings

The Secret: One Million Universes

This clearing was outside of heaven. As I looked at this site before me, Jesus placed his arms around me while watching Father, who was so massive, unite all the realms that served him into his being. Father gathered them into his body. Like small streams of water connecting the worlds as if they were the veins carrying the blood of humans, so were the worlds united. Father intimately knew each one.

Father looked beyond my ability to describe fully, but think of it as a male who held the entire realms of all that he made inside himself. He contained all their wisdom, and each realm could not exist without him.  

Jesus held me close to him, “Let us slow down, son, for a moment and observe Father taking care of the realms you see before you.” Jesus gestured that we take a small canoe ride down the river that connected the worlds inside God, the Father. Jesus stepped into the canoe and then helped me sit while he sat down and led the way down the river. We passed by realms that looked like the most brilliant stars. 

Jesus said to me, “What you see here is their universe. Each realm connects to the Father; not one is unknown to him. His life is like this river that flows into each universe. He is like a living tree; the branches that extend are his wisdom, for he upholds them all, speaks to them all, and sustains them all. Jesus steered the canoe on the river moving up from Father’s right hand and into his shoulders down to his heart, the center.

We stopped in the heart of God, which was our universe. The most brilliant of all worlds connected to God, our Father, is the brightest light right upon his chest. 

I pointed at the light, which was our universe, “This is us?” Through my laughing and crying all at once, I said, “We are his heart?”

Jesus leaned forward and held my hands, “Yes, you are in the middle above his heart. Eden. The prize of all creation, son.” He smiled at me tenderly. “Does this startle you?”

“How is this possible?” I said, while Jesus gently wiped the tears from my face, “How is this possible? How am I here but there?” I didn’t even know how to ask him a question.

Jesus laughed, widening his eyes as if it was some deep secret, “Oh, do you believe in magic?” Where I am, so, you will also be; the mystical union, Micah.” (Jesus doesn’t practice “magic.” He was playing with me.) We laughed while He gazed into my eyes, continuing to wipe my tears away, “One of my favorite things about you, Micah, is watching you try to figure it out. You are seated with Me in heavenly places. I am in you, and you are in me.” He took a stone out of his pocket and showed it to me. Then he made it disappear out of his hand, “Did you see that?” He gasped, “Where did it go?” He then reached behind my ear and made the stone reappear. “There it is!” He giggled. “See…”

“Haha, Jesus,” I tilted my head to the side, “You got me…I love your magic trick. Are you going to pull a rabbit out of a hat next?”

Jesus laughed, “I have lots of tricks, Micah.” He poked my nose, “Keep watching!” We were silent, looking at each other for a moment, mesmerized by each other’s beauty, until he broke the silence while reaching for my hand, “Keep watch, Micah. I will do things differently from what you may be used to. Just know that you are always the center of our hearts; you are Eden, the Holy Place where God dwells. Our Father, who holds all the universes within himself, knows everything about you. He is like the tree that holds all worlds as its leaves, but you live in the center. Keep watch.”

Jesus placed his right hand on top of my left, leaving a white stone in my hand.

I whispered back to him with a big smile, “Ok.”