Encounters and Writings

The Secret: Garden of Songs

There is a secret in a garden. Have you gone to search for it? Can you find it?

Tall white gates crept open with a song as I approached the entrance to a garden that held a secret that I had yet to find. Oak trees crafted by light with white gold leaves waved in the wind, it seemed. The grass fields created waves like an ocean as the wind pushed and pulled them to their rhythm. As the golden leaves from the large oak trees started to fall, each touch upon the grass made a sound of a single note perfectly pressed on a piano. The more leaves that fell upon the grass, the more elaborate the music sounded.

Upon the path, I walked. With my hands in my pockets and my feet touching the sparkled pavement with every step, I whistled to the music the leaves created as they touched the grass. I took deep breaths of the crystal air that soothed my lunges.

White dragons flew above my head with the wings of a great falcon and talons of a mighty bird: two powerful dragons, one made like the sea and the other like the clouds; their heads adorned like silver coins and antlers like a masculine deer. They twisted with an acrobatic style in the air like a dance. In their ancient tongue, they called to each other. The dragon, who looked like the sea, released his breath like fresh, glowing snow when the sun grazed upon its surface. The breath of the one who is like the clouds was the power of air and lightning. While twisting into the air around each other, they released their dragon’s breath, but it was not destructive as you would imagine; it was a song; a dance like the leaves from the oak trees and waving grass.

I watched the two dragons for some time until I was distracted by the one so brilliantly wise, kind, and ruler of all songs, dance, and beauty. Jesus stood upon the path, looking at me. He is the secret of the garden, the treasure at the center of all things.

He is the invisible motion that moves your heart to the inevitable center. We love you, Lord Jesus. I pray that we will fall more in love with you every day.