Encounters and Writings

The Lord of Spirits: The Dance (Part 3)

Hello, everyone, this is the third portion of the Story the Lord of Spirits visitation I received. If you have not read part one and two, please do so if you like. Enjoy, and Jesus thinks you are pretty awesome!

My eyes burned at the sight of such majestic power floating in the sky. Our Holy God causes the fabric of heaven to roll back at His appearance and with eyes of fire, He was looking right into me. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind gathered around Him while lighting struck the ground around us. The angel with me said, “You see, He lives in you! The creator has made His dwelling inside you, and you are inside Him. I am not like you. For I look upon and behold, but you dwell within.”

Fire fell from the sky! Like little-colored marbles, the light bounced around us turning into smaller spirits fluttering with joy, gladness, and excitement. Jesus stepped outside His Father, bathed in fire and light. Golden angels lined up from the sky to the ground making a path down to me. He was glowing like the sun. Each step was a splash causing hundreds of spirits to leap into the air.

Thainual the Dragon said, “He is coming to you. I will worship Him. Its large wings lifted the dragon into the air, and he soared around God. Many other dragons joined his worship. Some looked very different than Thainual. Each dragon I could see harnessed the elements hovering around God the Father. It was so powerful! My attention turned back to Jesus coming to me by the path of angels. The spirits dashed around Him until a beautiful circle was made around Jesus. Its appearance was emerald with lighting shooting out like a mirror reflecting the sun rays. Behind Jesus was heaven! The entire heavens and the spirits that formed its opening. I could see thousands and thousands of them coming from Him like gentle butterflies. They sang about His goodness

The angel said as Christ approached me, “This is God the Son, whom you are joined with in union. Out of conception, you were formed in the God head: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They desire to walk perfectly with you as it was in the Garden of Eden.” I turned to the angel and noticed he was stepping back into some kind of mist light until I couldn’t see him anymore. Then, when I had turned to Jesus, His eyes were looking deep in me…He was close.

My Father’s voice thundered, “My son is looking for His dance. He is looking for the dance of fire, and water; the dance of earth and wind…the dance that created the earth. My Son is seeking to dance with you.”  Jesus smiled towards me while stepping back with a bow. He held out His hand so that I would take it. I looked up towards the Father in the sky, and His sapphire eyes looked upon me, “This is the dance of creation. The head is man because I gave the earth to man.” The dragons and the elements created a spectacular seen above me. My Father who was so vast to comprehend said, “My son is waiting for you.”

I looked back at Jesus who was still holding His hand out towards me to join Him. The Lord said, “My heart longs for you Micah,” He laughed “Join me!”

I reached for His hands only to be joined with Him among the galaxies and spirits of heaven. We danced by fire and water; in rhyme with earth and air. Into light and shadows—by His Holy Spirit we were joined through the dance. Jesus said to me, “In the beginning, I remember the dance creation gave to me—all things rather in heaven or earth danced to me, but you Micah, you dance with me.”

I was so caught up with Him that I had no idea where we were. I could just see the elements around us. The spirits, in their butterfly like appearance, created bands of praise around us. Magnificent praise! Praise that declared the creation of all the realms and dimensions of heaven. In a great flash of light, Jesus and I leaped from one realm of glory to another. I do not have words to describe this moment. I saw worlds of solid gold, and lands made of perfect diamonds like a rainbow. I saw realms of winged horses flying among the clouds. I saw a world of starlight that appeared like eagles perched upon silver trees. I saw lands made of beautiful colors where the ocean slept in the sky. Colors I have never seen before—they were alive!  Jesus and I danced through creation together. We traveled through dimensions and realities only wisdom can understand—and by the infinite knowledge of God, they were made.

Holy Spirit said inside me, “This is ruling and reigning with Christ. The dance of God and man above all spirits and orders of the world.” Jesus pulled me closer to Him, and we began to spin slowly higher and higher.

The butterfly spirits tightened their ropes of praise around us while Jesus whispered into my right ear, “I am happy Micah. I am glad to be with you. What can I do for you?” Even the King of Kings can be a servant…that is who He is. He is a King, but also a Servant. He is Lord, but also my friend!

I laughed, “Well, I have no idea. You know what my heart wants Jesus…you should tell me. I’m happy here with you too!” I rested my head on His shoulder and took a deep breath of His fragrance.

Jesus said to me, “Live in my light, Micah. You are now light as I am. The same light that is in me is inside you.” Suddenly, Jesus began to glow so brightly among the stars in heaven–explosions of glory and music came from my Lord! I was overcome by His glory! Everything beautiful came out of His being! He said again, “I live inside you! My glory is inside you!”