Encounters and Writings

The Lifeguard Angel

“There is a wave of the Spirit coming that will sweep away any ministry or minister who has not mastered the lost art of intimacy with God. Yes, it’s coming quickly and its exposing darkness. Those who know how to swim have practiced “floating” in God’s presence…”

What an odd group the angels can be. Yes, they are not humans even though they can take on human form. Not always do angels appear like fire or glowing pillars of light. Sometimes, they look normal; they try to be at least. In my journey with the Lord, I have had many encounters with angels, but it was only recently that I started to see them appear as humans.

Yes, they can appear as humans, even though they are not. We can also say human ‘flesh’. God will sometimes allow angels to come in the form of humans to encourage, protect, bring a message, and help us. Angelic “humans” are even referenced in the bible as we see angels appearing as a human to Lot in Genesis 19 and also with Daniel in chapter 10.

I have shared some of my stories before; like an angel coming as a man with bright green eyes to watch a movie. Being a watcher, I am sure he had fun drinking pop and educating me on God’s invasion coming to Hollywood. In this encounter, I will share about an angel coming as a lifeguard.

Oh, my goodness, my head sometimes spins at the reality of the spirit realm even though I encounter it almost every day. I will share with you this account, so that you may also you be amazed at the supernatural and the mighty works of God.

It was a typical day. Nothing out the ordinary as I did my routine when I came home from work. After I changed into my relaxing clothes and turned on Netflix, a man walked into my room. Now I use the word “man” to give the picture that this angel had nothing special about him; except for his blue eyes that did reflect heaven.

He had no shirt on–muscular, tall, and a deep voice. He appeared like a lifeguard on duty at a pool. He blew his whistle at me. Then smiled.

We stared at each other for a few seconds, then laughed at each other. I must have made an amusing face that tickled my visitor. My cat, Leo, head tilted to the side with curiosity.

After our laugh, the angel composed himself, “Have you learned to swim yet?” He asked.

I was not sure of his question. I mean…I can swim a little bit, but was he referring to me in the spirit or something?  

“Why do you ask?” I set my remote down and prepared to listen.

“There is a wave of the Spirit coming that will sweep away any ministry or minister who has not mastered the lost art of intimacy with God. Yes, it’s coming quickly and its exposing darkness. Those who know how to swim have practiced “floating” in God’s presence, so when the waves come again and again. They will float. So many think they can swim…even those whom the Lord has warned believe they are ok, but no. Micah, it is coming quickly!” He blew his whistle again.


I crossed my arms, “I see. However, what are you going to do?”

The angel answered, “I am a lifeguard. I will help those who need to float. Some will feel like they are drowning, but we will assist in the process of helping people. However, Micah, some could drown. Those who have too much pride to ask for help will sink to the bottom. God is still in the process of exposing darkness or hidden sin. He must do this because the harvest is coming and He needs His leaders to be ready, but sadly some have built their ministries and are still struggling with their bad character. So by these pounding waves, some ministries will have to end. Even so, if they humble themselves and learn how to swim, God will restore it.”

“Is this why you have your whistle–to warn of the waves coming to those who have not prepared themselves for it?” I was very curious about His message. Usually, angels will carry their message in their appearance.

The angel nodded, “We will come to warn them. Some of us will come as people to the churches or ministries, and some of us will tap their spirit to alert them. Holy Spirit is always at work if they will receive Him. Even though the Holy Spirit has been at work for many years, people still resist Him. Oh, Micah, there will be some that will try and hold onto their ministries for dear life, but you cannot save your ministry and your heart at the same time. Be wise and let go and learn how to float or both are lost.”

I felt the gravity of the Holy Spirit! My head dropped as I can see that happening now to so many ministers. The angel stepped closer to me and lifted my head.

“It will be ok. Don’t be sad, Micah. All is well! Partner with your Father and pray for His church. Your Father has outstanding plans for the body of Christ. I would not worry. Holy Spirit is relentless at making all more like Jesus! He enjoys it! We will help encourage those who need it as these waves will be hard for some who have not learned intimacy, but if they stick with it, they will be ready for your Father’s great display of power!”

He roughly messed with my hair, “Have a good day!” He turned to leave through the wall.

I want to encourage you! Intimacy is what our Father is looking for in this hour. Character develops from a place of leaning on the Lord. If you feel these waves rocking you, let go and lean into God. Learn to spend time with Him and carry His heart. Father is not looking for big ministries or large events. He wants friends; friends He can trust. Moreover, you are His number one choice! You are the person He wants to draw near too.

What must you let go of to cling to Him?