Encounters and Writings

The Kiss: Lord Jesus (Part 1)

The place of healing, I was feeling lost and abandoned one day—at the end of my strength;  I cried out to God for help. It had been some time since I have seen the Lord Jesus and I missed Him. Nothing will ever take His place. As I cried out to God for strength because the warfare was too thick, His voice broke in, “Micah, I am with you!” His voice opened the realm of heaven, and I was launched into the brightness of His glory—beyond the stars and all dimension—into His presence of warm light. But I still did not see Him.

I was standing by a river of life. It was a beautiful crystal light with rainbow fish swimming about. I have been here before; I recognized the land (Autumn Forest).  The leaves, gorgeous in red and gold, fell upon me and into the river flowing from the throne of God. All rivers flow from the throne of God because He is the river of life. It comes from within His presence and deep inside the throne. I picked the gems from the stream as I waited upon the Lord. I knew He would come as this was always our place of meeting. I stepped into the small stream to relax when I heard Him walking behind me.

My sweet Lord Jesus, I could smell Him as He approached me from behind…I did not look… I just closed my eyes and waited for His embrace! I rested in the fragrance coming from Him: frankincense, vanilla, and even roses opened me up to His love! He stood behind me for a moment breathing on the back of my neck; just for a second until He embraced me from behind. His cheek touched mine and then He kissed my ear with is words saying, “I am always right here Micah.” He turned me around to look in His eyes of love, and he said, “Tell me, who has my Father’s eyes?”

I shouted, “I do!” I thrilled, “I have my Father’s eyes!” He kissed them and brought me closer for another embrace. I don’t remember how long I stayed there with Him…it is beyond description. Jesus is amazing! He is so full of beauty and light! His robe is like a sea of crystal sparkling by the sunlight. His hair is white with glory from the Father’s love and joy upon Him! I felt His groomed beard touch my face and then sadness came from His heart for a moment.

“Jesus,” I looked to see His eyes, “What is it?”

After a deep sigh, He pulled me closer to hear His words, “I never want you to feel abandoned Micah. It is not true. I remember the day I made you? I remembered the day you moved in the palm of my Father’s hand. On that day, I showed you your parents because I was filled with joy and longed to send you as a gift to them. You sang to me and I to you in the hand of our Father. I watched you and loved you from the beginning of time, son. The enemy’s greatest feeling is loneliness because he was indeed cast out. But you, my child, are never cast out! I have joined my heart to yours—I have walked inside you and you inside me.” His words touched me so deeply! I looked around Him to see that the red and golden trees had circled us, which created a beautiful canopy around the Lord and me. When I looked back at Jesus, His face was so bright that I could no longer see His features. He pulled my face towards Him until our noses touched and with a gentle kiss on my lips, I could taste the tears. He said, “Micah I love you! Tell my people I love them. I love them, and they are not forgotten or cast out. I am always with them. They place their love in so many things just so they can feel a true connection, but they were made to connect to God. Only I can bring real healing! I will come and heal them, my child, as I am healing you. I know the battles are hard, I know death tries to steal what it should not have. But I have conquered death so that I may spend eternity with them. I want my bride—I want my bride to rest right on my heart. Intimacy with me…the eternal love.”

He chuckled as our heads touched, “Nothing will ever take your place son. I am drawn by the beauty from within your spirit. By light—I come, and with joy, I sing. My dance is the symphony of love from your heart.”

I asked Him, “Jesus you like the song I bring?” I placed my hands on His chest to feel His heartbeat. “I don’t know what it sounds like. I can’t hear it.”

He placed His hands over mine and said as the light cleared from His face, “You will hear it for the first time when you and I dance together on our wedding day!” He smiled with His shining blue eyes. He sighed again with relief! I guess He wanted me to know this. “Come with me Son into my Fathers throne so that He may kiss you now,” He said pulling me upstream with excitement.

I laughed because I was surprised that God wanted to give me a kiss too. Jesus turned to me, “He was the first to kiss you when he made you, and then I kissed you second; and the Holy Spirit was your cradle until you entered your mother womb. I believe the first one who held you should have the chance to kiss you, don’t you think?” He winked at me and continued to lead me upstream towards the throne that appeared out of deep golden light. I could see the face of God with His eyes of blue fire watching me draw near.

To be continued:

Psalm 45:2, “You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed You forever.”

Song of Solomon 5:10, “My beloved is dazzling and ruddy, Outstanding among ten thousand.”

Matthew 17:2, “There He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light.”