Encounters and Writings

The Kiss: Holy Spirit (Part 3)

A great wind had blown passed me as I set upon my father’s shoulders; He grinned with such pleasure – all He wanted to do was be with me! I could hear the voices of mysteries within the balls of light among the Field Dreams! Each one containing the very beginning of eternity; as if it had its own grasp upon the fabric of reality within the dimensions of life! The father looked at me and said,  “Each dream I give is a gift for you to see into eternity – holiness is eternity. Holiness is in the DNA of your spirit.”

As we continued our walk, Holy Spirit spoke, “By my sweet voice I nursed you; I nursed you in the womb of God, and I was with you in the womb of your mother. I harvested the dreams of the father and placed each one inside you so that you would fulfill all of them.

The sweet voice of the Holy Spirit was very soothing to my soul, and I remembered His nearness to me from my beginning; how strange…but beautiful. I was never alone!
The wind continued to circle us, and I could see beautiful colors of heaven that sparkled by the brilliant, twilight sky. The wind was reachable. This wind is what gave my body the ability to be…it is the breath that entered my being;  it is the rhythm of my heartbeat. The wind lifted us up to the very cosmos of heaven with millions of stars. There were angels surrounded by countless dreams; hovering by the eternal wisdom of God!


The Holy Spirit said, ” My kiss to you, Son of Light, is that you would understand the mystery of His love and that you would be bathed in the unquenchable fire of His passion for you! I saw the gathering of stars come from great and beautiful wings full of eyes and this is what the Holy Spirit said, “I have given a gift to mankind to see and to understand the mind of God; to see deep into dreams and unshakable revelation drawn to the listening ear. Are you ready for me to come and kiss your ear? Are you ready for me to come and kiss the eyes of your heart?  My kisses are fire – my kiss is like the unpredictable wind!”

The great wings I saw of this dimension in the Field of Dreams begin to utter the word holy over and over! Then millions of angels begin to respond to those who had said yes! A great flash of light appeared to the right of the Father introducing Jesus to the scene. His smile was towards me with blue eyes of love! He said, “It was in our dreams that you would be One with the Trinity and nothing else. Out of our being comes unity! That you would be in me and I in you, thus causing the body to be one! You are one in us first, Micah, because this is where you began.” Jesus and all the knowledge and dreams of God rested upon Him…and He said, “To some, I have given Apostles, some Prophets, Teachers, Shepherds, and Evangelist so that you may grow up in the knowledge of God, my son.”

The Holy Spirit voice came from the wind again, “I am the breath that sustains you to encounter…to behold.”

My Father who held me on his shoulders laughed with great joy that rolled throughout the cosmos. The angels smiled as well and the stars flickered with the giggles of little children you hear. He said, “I want to let you fly, Micah! It is time to fly.” He took me off His shoulders and released me into the cosmos of heaven, and His voice thundered, “Go and kiss the world with the love of God Micah!”


The wind lifted me deep into the revelation of my Father—the home of mankind—His heart. His dreams. His Kiss! Deep unto deep…where shall man hide? Where shall man lay His bed? Into the dreams of God.

When I had returned to earth, I sat up to look out my window at the portal in the sky! I could see angels dashing by creating ribbons of light in the air. The Holy Spirit said, “They go to those who sleep! His children carry the dreams given to them by God. Get ready for revelations so profound that it takes The God of Light to reveal all mysteries! Yes, the angels have come.” I felt a hand of fire on my left shoulder, and it was Holy Spirit standing right next to me looking out the window. His face was golden light, and I could not see His features, but I knew He was happy! He looked on with me until I saw Him no more!

How plentiful are the dreams of God–like the starry skies of night. Endless wonder…the Field of Dreams. The Kiss~

~The End~