Encounters and Writings

The Kiss: God The Father (Part2)

Jesus led me towards the Father’s throne of light, and His glory reflected off His glass-like robe. Beautiful depictions of His glory were beyond my description, but each wave of light spoke to me. Voices that came from the throne of light joined with my spirit with fire! Jesus held my hand as He guided me upstream and deep into the light. “Come, Micah, the Kiss of God awaits you.” We climbed up golden steps with water flowing down into the river below. It was an enchanting invitation to draw near Him; He is the fountain of life!  Jesus and I entered the throne when suddenly everything became pure white, and Jesus disappeared.

When the white smoke had lifted, a great angel with large pearl wings stepped forward holding a book in his hand. His robe was the color of roses, and his head was composed of gems shining like a rainbow. He announced, “Welcome Son of Light!” He seemed to have an occupation before the throne of God, but I did not ask. He walked right through me and faded away. I stepped forward on my own–deeper into the throne; how strange yet beautiful. Water, clear as crystal, was the surface of the throne room but it was ankle deep, and mist hovered above it. Everything was so bright and glorious with great clouds composed of light floating above me as if it was hiding someone.  As I walked forward, the clouds closed behind me and then opened in front of me to behold the Glory of God. My breath was taken while bliss overwhelmed me. I cannot put into words how great God is—His glory was undeniably beautiful. His large firey-blue eyes pierced my soul with love only God can give. His face was like diamonds; much like the robe of Jesus with hundreds of rays of lights coming out of him. He was looking right at me with an intensity of joy. His robe was like the clouds hovering around Him with lighting flashing amidst it. My Father smiled at me and blew on my face.

“Receive, my son,” His voice was so thunderous but gentle. His voice is heard throughout heaven, but it is not unpleasant—it is the most powerful and humbling voice you can experience. He doesn’t hurt your ears, but His voice is in your ear. His voice is so close to you; it sounds like he is right next to your ear. “Receive my love and come closer.”

I took a deep breath to absorb His gift to me; His breath of life. I took one step forward, and I was picked up by His hand and brought to His chest. I looked at His glorious face and did not turn away. By His right hand, He poured oil on me that smelt like honey. I noticed that the oil was coming from His head which is the joy of the Lord. I just rested while Father ministered to me the way He wanted. Father’s  great diamond-like hands brushed my hair back—He was bathing me in His oil. He said to me, “This is the oil I poured out over my son before He left my presence to enter the earth; I to prepared Him for His burial. That is why it was so meaningful when the woman poured out her fragrance upon Jesus. It reminded my Son of me.” He continued to wash me in His oil while looking in my eyes. I cannot explain the feeling of looking in the eyes of God the Father. As His son, He sees everything—believes in everything you are. They made you with all their love and joy. I reached for His face, and He closed His eyes to receive from me. I blew kisses towards Father’s face, till His undoing. With His eyes closed peaceful to speak, “I receive it, Micah.”

I rested my head back while Father held me with His hands; still allowing the sweet oil to run over my body and He said, “In the day of your beginning I washed you in my love. I spoke purpose into you…I prepared your life to be an image of my Son, Jesus. You have been crucified with Christ—the flesh laid into a tomb and have been risen with Christ. I know you, Micah!” He leaned in to kiss my lips again and again…and again.

My Father spoke, “My light is your garment, Micah. The cloud of gentleness is the manifest breath of God. Tell my children to beware of deception. The enemy comes to preach another god. One that says, ‘You can have all your will, and God will be satisfied.’ No! I desire that my will and pleasure be in you, son. There is a great rebellion coming by those who listen to the enemy’s voice. Their hair (wisdom) has become sullied by the lies the enemy has spoken to them. They have devoured the ways of the flesh…” When He said this, I suddenly saw visions of demons teaching some of His children how to live in the flesh and still be ok with God. These demons were in white, but they had teeth like a bat and no eyes. Their skin was rotting away. Then I saw the wisdom of some become ruined. My Father said as the vision left me, “Those are my teachers who have the gift to understand my will, but listened to the enemy’s voice. They must repent because I will hold them accountable for teaching lies. Clean up my teachers…my fire is coming!” He smiled, “I am a forgiving God, my son.”

He was silent for a moment watching my every move like a Father holding a baby in His arms. Tears of joy fell on me—even on my lips which were sweet. I could smell them too; fragrant oils of heaven are His tears.

I asked Him, “Father, what are you thinking about?”

He smiled at my wonder for His thoughts, “I remember the moment when I first held you this way. Every child, I held first. I wrapped them in the garment of Holy Spirit. We intimately know you Son,” He sighed, “I remember these first moments. You grew up into a handsome young man.” He smiled, “But you are still mine!”

Father wiped my tears with His left hand and shouted, “Come!” And He pulled me into a realm of Dreams. He held my hand as we walked through fields of orbs that floated by us. He said with joy, “These small lights are my dreams. I call this place The Field of Dreams and this is the reason you see my thoughts. I created you to connect with me deeper than you know. Through dreams, you encounter mine—hidden realities and truths about me I give to you. I have desires, my son, I do not even tell the angels until I tell my children first. Some things they will not know until I release it to my children.” He tightened His squeeze as He held my hand, “I am so glad to show you this Micah. Dreams are going to increase this year to those who consecrate their eyes to me.” This place was beautiful; a field of floating orbs everywhere! Golden trees with leaves dipped in blue surrounded us while pillars of light reached high into the twilight sky. The grass was painted like a rainbow, and millions of orbs contained little whispers from my Father’s heart. I saw the Holy Spirit swirling around this place calling my name. The Spirit brought an orb just for me. I reached for it, which was about the size of a basketball! It was so alive, and breathing! My Father said, “This is one of the many dreams I have for you, Micah.” He laughed, “I can’t wait for you to see what it is!” He placed me on His shoulder, and we continued our walk through the Fields of Dreams.


To be continued: