Encounters and Writings

The Joy of the Lord

I arrived to the throne room with my angelic friends to a party on the sea. Yes, thousands and thousands of people were dancing in the light of God. Upon the sea was a great white throne with colors coming from him like spirals of living Joy. My Father was a radiant jewel of green and with fire coming from his robe of translucent light. The music…the music was alive; it was created by someone among the people.

Yes, this music was flashing rapidly with colors in a steady rhythmic fashion. As I ran up to the large crowds to get a better look, I noticed it was a person making that music. It was the Holy Spirit among the people. I could see a figure, dancing and spinning around the people as they danced to the rhythm of heaven–the Joy of the Lord. Heaven is a very “flashy” place. Meaning, everything is multiplied because the source of everything good, lovely, happy, is among you. There is reason to dance, sing, jump and even fly. Yes, around the throne there are people flying in and out of our father with the angels. Coming from the multi-colored Holy Spirit are laser lights granting people wings to fly among the angels. So much joy!

Even Jesus, is there before the throne. He is crowned with towers of diamonds upon his head reaching into the dimension he created by his word. Jesus lifts his hands while his bride circles him by the rhythm of the Holy Spirit.

It was my turn now! I couldn’t hold back…my feet started to moving I could hear sounds entering my spirit. My heavenly family pulled me in by the Joy of the Lord. Each saint in their white robes began to dance in twirling light coming from the Holy Spirit’s being. It was like being in the eye of the storm with countless angels around us. A shout of praise came from Holy Spirit while each saint adds a ribbon of love to the warm presence of the Lord.

As I danced, I looked right into the face of the Holy Spirit and his passion fell upon me. All I could do was jump, but jump higher than I ever could until I caught the current of the flying angles above us. I was flying, but I was not the only one. My brothers and sisters were flying to! Hundreds of wings–glowing bright and beautiful–angels of living light soared with us around the mighty trinity!

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit presence became so much that the cloud around us was on fire and there was lighting flashing inside the cloud. I heard a loud voice in the worship say, “Worship Him. The Joy of the Lord, the coming glory will be the light in their eyes–the Joy of God.” Then the angels and the saints shouted!

In a blink, I was back on my bed with my angelic friend laughing. He said to me, “This is going to be so much fun! Who can stop the movement of God! Heaven and Earth coming together in the Joy of the Lord.” He raised his wings and shot into the air leaving me in the coming glory of the Lord. The Glory of God is the Joy of God…