Encounters and Writings

The Ice Dance

These snow angels were beautiful–almost like fairies but extraordinarily bright and pure. They danced around us singing to Jesus. One landed on my shoulder to rest.

This story was a very intimate encounter I had recently with the Lord. Merry Christmas!

I found myself on the sea of glass. It was glowing with brilliant blue colors that twinkled by His glory. I was overwhelmed by His Majesty that appeared like a river flowing from Father’s throne. His white robe of splendid light spilled down on to the sea like oil! His pure white garments blazed with gold and silver light.

As I gazed upon my Father, Jesus stepped out of the light smiling towards me. He had ice skates on His feel, “Micah come out here with me!” He laughed aloud. I did not resist His call! I stepped on to the sea of glass that had now become an ice-skating sea of sparkling sky-blue.

Ice skates appeared on my feet, and I drifted to the Lord crashing right into His arms. Jesus had on a brown leather jacket and blue jeans (You can’t skate in a robe very well). He looked right into my eyes with a gentle smile, “Let’s dance this Christmas. Would you like too?”

I replied, “Lord, yes! I love this; it’s so enchanting!”

Jesus held my hands, “Stay with me.” He started to skate backward guiding me across the ice sea of glass. Suddenly angels flew above us twirling and singing praises! Snow began to fall in various colors like glitter all over the area.

These snow angels were beautiful–almost like fairies but extraordinarily bright and pure. Their hair sparkled like ice and they were softer than cotton. Each wing resembled a unique shape of a snowflake. These snow angels danced around us singing to Jesus like ribbons of colored beams of light.  One small angel landed on my shoulder to rest, “Merry Christmas. We will bring joy unto all who desire to celebrate this year.” He said.

After some time, Jesus held my left hand, and we skated next to each other on the ice sea of glass. We jumped and flew around the Father’s throne giggling! I could see Father’s eyes smiling towards us because He enjoyed every moment.

The rush of joy was so intense I screamed as loud as I could, “Merry Christmas everyone!” Jesus did a quick turn in front of me, and we crashed into each other. He picked me up and hugged me! Jesus’ laughter is the best sound you can hear.

He pulled me closer to Him, “Son, walk in beauty! Beauty is in the dance with the King of Kings. Walking in beauty is walking in rhythm with the music of every season. Winter is beautiful, and I wish to be seen in this season of winter.”

I took both of His hands and touched my face with them, “Jesus I love you! Teach me how to dance with you in every season? Please help me to hear the music and find you in every season I experience.

Jesus grinned, “Come, sit with me on my Father’s throne.”

We made our way to the great throne that stood on the ice sea of glass. On the third step, we sat together closely, His arm around me, “Micah, this winter I want to give something special to my children. I want to give them peace. I want to provide them with new ice skates to dance with me. This time we will dance through the worries, troubles, and negative circumstances. This winter will be beautiful!”

At that moment, glaciers erupted from the sea of glass in which their appearance was likened unto glittering diamonds! My heart began to race as thousands of angels floated down singing Peace On Earth.

Jesus We worship you!