Encounters and Writings

The Host and the Sea Serpent

A Voice Thundered, “Leviathan! Be still! Who can but tame the great monster of the sea?”

The realm of Chaos cracking like glass under pressure. I was not expecting such a sight as what I witnessed that day.  The demonic kingdom had unleashed one of their greatest warriors. He had a name in a wicked tongue, but I shall not write it. As I record this sight of such a being, it is unwise to speak their names. Darkness is real, and to the reckless, it can be very destructive.

The realm of Chaos in the Spirit world is empty and falling to pieces because of the continuous war that plagues the land. The angels call it the Void, and to that, I tremble. It is dangerous to mess with realms we do not understand.

By the Spirit of God, I was placed on the raging sea as Hell unleashed a serpent bigger than anything I have seen. It raised itself out of the corrupt sea speaking to me in a foul tongue. The form of this creature resembled the body of a python with massive fangs dripping with black liquid. He is the one who sends demons under him to attack the church with such destruction; he brings forth a critical spirit. His red eyes looked down on me as he declared his might. His skin was hard as metal. The sea crashed against his slithering form. He raised his tail that was a weapon that dripped with poison.

This great demon called to me, “Son of Light. Who are you?” My skin crawled at his offensive approach to challenging me. “Do you have the power to stand against me? I have been breading my children within your house (church) for years. Those who criticize, bite and slander are my children born in a nest of snakes. I teach those who listen to me how to murder with words more powerful than any physical weapon. I whisper into the ear of the one who sits in bitter pools. I train those who eat the fruit of unforgiveness.”

He let out a menacing laugh and spoke again in demonic tongues. “I am part of a mighty army we are like the three in one. I call myself the great serpent of the sea of chaos.”

Then a voice Thundered and lightning struck the black sea “Leviathan! Be still! Who can but tame the great monster of the sea? Do not be afraid, Micah!”

My knees were weak, and the terror of this enormous creature clouded my thoughts. I called out to my Father for help!  

I heard the sound of wind come down from heaven and it declared, “Look up! Do not cast your eyes on shadows! Look up!” The storm clouds moaned with a loud growl. The great serpent cried out with rage for what was to come against him. His skin on his sides ripped open to sprout wings of decaying flesh. His tail arched up ready to attack any who would oppose him. His mouth dripped with poison, his tongue slithered. He could control the black sea to make spirals of demonic energy towards the sky.

I looked up, and the clouds yielded to the coming of a great and mighty army! Our almighty Father appeared in a fiery explosion knocking down the creature. The arrival of this army was like a wave of fire from heaven! A voice came from the brilliance, “Have hope! Who can tame the monster of the sea? Who can control the Leviathan?”

Yes, it was a powerful sight! An army of heaven shining in a glorious glow stood above the Leviathan shouting in victory. Among the troops, I saw an enormous, magnificent throne! On either side of the throne were wheels of fire! There was a form on the throne made of dazzling light! His hair was white, and flashes of lightning came from His mouth! Fire flowed from His very feet like a river before Him! Like a loud sound of a violent wind so was the fire coming from our Almighty God!  Great angels stood within towering wheels that rolled around the entire army. I heard from the throne, “Behold, the Host of Heaven, and the Lord of angel armies!”

The armies of God were unlike anything I have seen. Great angelic beings and creatures full of the glory of God! One particular creature looked like a dragon made of silver and gold. His wings were like an eagle, and he had eyes all within his wings. His roar was terrible, and those of the mightest angels could ride him into battle. Another creature had the face of a lion with wings coming out of his body in every direction; he had blue eyes, and fire was in his mouth.

Leviathan was already defeated. Our Father stripped away his power and plucked the snakes teeth from his jaws! Glory overpowered the snake; he yelped and dove into the sea to hide from the great Throne and His Host.

The sea was still, and the demonic snake had fled. I was alone on the sea of chaos, and I heard, “The seas have lifted up their pounding waves, but I am mightier than the waves of the sea!”

Suddenly I was pulled towards the massive army…

To be continued.

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