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The Hands of Jesus

Jesus loves to touch you just as much as He loves to speak with you. Sometimes, His touch speaks louder than His words.

One of my favorite things about Jesus is His hands.

When you touch Him, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. Recently, I have been meditating on His hands; what they feel like.  I want to describe to you what it feels like to touch Jesus.

In my encounters with Jesus, His hands are always glowing with such vibrant light. It appears like swirls of spirits dancing around His hands. Jesus loves to touch you just as much as He loves to speak with you. Sometimes, His touch speaks louder than His words. When I touch Him, energy comes through me, and I began to see the unfolding of His glory around me. Each touch goes deep into your very soul. It’s like He moves past every created layer inside you, to the innermost parts. Wow!

Jesus’ hands are so strong and rough in some areas because He still builds in heaven! He has always been a builder and incredibly interested in architecture. His hands contain such gentleness, you can’t help but put your face in them! While your face is buried in His hands, you can smell strong fragrances of pine, cedar, and other wood-like smells because of His work. Yes, Jesus is still a carpenter.

His strength is unmatched! When He holds you, He will not lose grip on you! Nothing can loosen His grip…nothing can separate you from Him.

Yes, it’s true, you will continue to kiss His hands as long as they are resting on your lips. He loves it! There are moments when Jesus places His hands on your heart! Oh, my! The fire that burns on your chest because His passion for you is igniting love in your heart! You can feel the light moving through you from His hands in waves that make you want to fly! It is unlike any feeling in the world. You can feel life flowing from each fingertip!

Then His hands will gently move to your head while He looks deep into your eyes! His attention is only on you, and you can feel His heart asking for your attention as well. Jesus brushes your hair, then your face! Sometimes He will say my name the way only He can, that stirs my heart in wanting complete unison with Him. Jesus holds my cheeks then brings me closer to kiss them–one kiss for each side! At this moment, I keep Jesus’ hands on my face!

I place my hands on top of His and ask, “Lord I love you so much! You are so strong and kind! May you teach me to be like you? Teach me to have hands like yours. I want to touch others with the same love you give me!”

Jesus held my hands to pull me closer to Him where our nose touched to say, “I will fill your hands with light Micah.”


I want to encourage you to spend time with Jesus and ask that He would touch you! Record your feelings, smells, and sights that happen. Spend time imagining what His hands feel like. Where is He placing His hands? Are they on your face, back, or shoulders? If you don’t sense anything, that’s ok. Believe that He is with you and try again! Remember He wants you to feel Him. He wants to touch you!


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Wow. If the goal is to make me want Jesus more, mission accomplished. I finished reading this, sat there in awe unable to move for awhile, and as soon as I could, left the building (at work right now) to spend the rest of my lunch break with Him. I couldn’t physically feel His hands on me, but He surrounded me and filled me with such peace, joy and unspeakable love it was like He was just massaging my heart, really. I started falling asleep in that peace, and in that half-way between-here-and-sleep place, I saw His hand and mine wrapped around each other’s at the wrist, like He was pulling me out of something..or into something else, don’t know!

Wow Micah!! timely this post is for little old me ….I don’t get many visions dear brother but last night praise the lord I did ..I got this vision of a huge hand I assumed it was the hand of God ..then I looked again and there seemed to be a man appear walking on it and I assumed this must be Jesus….and it’s funny too because I have always been interested in knowing what Jesus’s hands look like because he was a creator he made things out of wood as a carpenter and he created the world and everything in it too so I was always intrigued by this thought and spoke to my friends many times about it ….so thank you so much for sharing this has blessed my heart ❤ Gbu k x

I’ll have to try that , Bro! tonight, in fact.
Over a week ago, I was resting in His presence while half asleep in bed (before the alarm clock went off for me to get ready for work) and I visualized my hand nestled like a chubby little child’s hand clasped inside His larger nail scarred hand. It was soooooo sweet and I felt so close to Him!

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