Encounters and Writings

The Hand of God: The Sea of Chaos

I have given you the authority to shut up the chaotic noise; to command the sea to be still! As the demonic kingdom brings chaos, my people will have no fear of the pounding waves!

The final portion of the Hand of God series: Please read the following encounter Reaching For Wonder and The Invisible Ones.

My lips kissed the feet of Jesus as worship rushed from my spirit towards the one I loved. I could feel the heartbeat of my bridegroom towards me as he said, “Please stand and look me in the eyes. The Holy Spirit strengthened me, and I stood up to behold my Lord’s face.

Jesus was glorious! He has brilliant blue eyes that pierce your soul with love that no one can snatch away from you. Jesus is handsome and full of light! His strong hands touched my shoulders which built me up in boldness and confidence. He is the brightest among the stars of heaven which He shines with eternal light. Jesus is stronger than anyone, and His words are full of grace! Pouring out from Him is waves of beauty like colors from a rainbow just like His Father. His curly hair shines like white gold! Jesus is beautiful!

As we stood in the Hand of God Jesus held my hands and said, “I have somethings I wish to tell you, my son. Your Father wanted you to stand among the trinity as a representation of what He desires of the whole world. You were created to stand among us; to fellowship with God. Among all the incredible designs we have made, you are our prize; you get the inheritance.”

Jesus and I walked to the edge of God’s hand, and Holy Spirit dashed before us touching every realm created with His wisdom. Jesus placed His arm on my shoulder as we watched the Holy Spirit’s work. He loves to watch the wonders of the world around Him. Jesus said, ” Son, I spoke these realms into being, and each one has a purpose, but none of them were created to do what you do. I created you to rule with me…among the sea of chaos that bled into the earth by sin and destruction, I have given you the authority to shut up the chaotic noise; to command the sea to be still! As the demonic kingdom brings chaos, my people will have no fear of the pounding waves!” Jesus smiled kindly towards me, “Micah fear is always just an illusion. There is nothing to be afraid of about the coming darkness; my light is greater than all the coming forces of the demonic kingdom, and my light is always with you.” Jesus looked up towards His Father with radiant joy. I looked up to see what Jesus saw, and I began to understand HIs purpose!

Jesus is always looking towards His Father because He genuinely believes in Him and the Father believes in the Son. Their love for each other is infinite, and that makes their love unbreakable! Jesus is always showing us the Father! That is Jesus’ number one thing which is to show us the glory of the Father! As I looked in my Father’s eyes, He softly smiled, and joy was in His eyes!

Jesus touched my face gently to bring me back to attention, “Micah, you see what I see?” I began to cry, Jesus touched my tears saying, “You see, there is nothing to be afraid of my son. As the sea rises, your gaze will be on the one who has overcome the sea. The Lord, our God, is mighty, Son.

Jesus continued, “Micah when you hold my hand; you are safe with me. You must also believe in who you are. As I believe in you; you must even believe. I could not turn away from Jesus’ eyes when suddenly I began to see me! I did not understand what was happening. It was incredible! I saw myself in His face…but how can this be? It was not a fleeting image; it was real. His features; His looks, resembled mine. What an incredible mystery!

I asked, “Lord, why do I see myself in you?”

Jesus chuckled, “You don’t understand? You live inside me. You are apart of me, Micah. We are in unity! When my father looks at me, He sees you, and when He looks towards you, He sees me!” Jesus brought my head to His chest to rest. His words lifted my breathing to a place of sweet peace. He said, “Micah, my movement is in you; just as your movement is in me. We live in each other!” He paused a moment then added, “What wave of the sea can conquer the one who lives in me, and I in Him? Not one wave can stand against you! Chaos is only for a moment!”

Father who held us in His hand said, “Say to the coming storm Micah, ‘Peace, be still!'”

Suddenly Jesus and I began to rise out of the hand of God to fly through the created realms of glory! It was breathtaking, yet intimate. Jesus said to me, ” Micah, I created you to climb every mountain, to swim through every sea. You are powerful; you just have to believe. With my hand, I am guiding you, and I will keep you safe!

After my Jesus spoke this, I felt myself return to my body in an instant with the angels of God hovering around me! I wanted to return to the beauty of God; I wanted to speak with Holy Spirit once more. I longed to rest on Jesus’ chest again. It was in this aching moment I heard Holy Spirit say, “The hand of God is on you, Micah. We live and move inside you as you do in us. Be encouraged; we are always with you! The Sea of Chaos will not overcome those who believe in me!”