Encounters and Writings

The Hand of God: The Invisible​ Ones

Come and be like the Invisible One who holds you in the palm of His hand.”

This is the continuation of the Hand of God series. Please refer to Reaching For Wonder To get the full story!

This massive spirit that commanded my heart to listen was incredible power! In a silver light, its form stood before me. Like an electrical surge of energy, lightning struck the surface of God’s hand, and again the Spirit said, ” Lift up your heart and hear what I have to say.” Holy Spirit’s face gazed at me, but I could only see the form…not in great detail because of electricity moving around Him.

My Heavenly Father spoke, “Power, come forth and declare the secrets inside you. ” I looked upon my Father’s bright eyes because I knew this was the third person of the Trinity. I sat on my knees and prepared to hear the mystery of the Spirit of God.

The appearance of Holy Spirit was like the wind in full strength or a fire at its hottest moment. He was composed of every precious element–all beauty in heaven. He glowed with silver light! His movement was like the sound of a coming storm with flashes of lightning and incredible brightness piercing through your chest. I could see His form, but it was a movement! He never stopped moving! In His chest pointing down to His feet was a giant sword. Witnessing this sword made me tremble which gave me the feeling that this sword would cut anything it touched. Such was the appearance of the Spirit of God.

Holy Spirit said this, “I am He who hovered over the deep waters. I am the music that causes the Son to dance! I am the pen of the voice of God in the scriptures! I am the one who ignites the passion for pursuing holiness! I am the divine power eliminating sickness and disease! I am the fire in your mouth when you prophesy.”

He paused a moment as the glory of God danced around us in the palm of His hand. Holy Spirit said this, “I am the secrets, the waters flowing from the heart of God into you! Out of you will flow rivers of living water…everything you need! I am everything you know and what you don’t know yet!” Holy Spirit began to light up every realm around us like bright stars in a firey cosmos saying, “I am wisdom that upholds the realms you see here. I am understanding, come an listen to my voice…come and be like the Invisible One who holds you in the palm of His hand.” Holy Spirit picked me up and stepped into me and then out of me over and over again. He said, “It is a gift to be Invisible to the ways of men…invisible to the camp of the enemy. Invisibility is humility. Can you live a life as the invisible one?” After He said this, Holy Spirit stepped out of me one more time, and we looked into each other’s eyes.

For some time, Holy Spirit did not say a word, but my breathing was rapid because of His presence!

Holy Spirit said, ” I live inside you, Micah. My goal is to make you like the Son whom you are destiny to marry. I am preparing you for that day…one day you will stand before the Father and the Son to make a vow of marriage that will not break, but until that day, I will prepare you! You will join Him forever. The two of you will be like a ring of fire destined to lead all of creation into perfect harmony with God!”

I could feel the heat from His words as a tender smile formed on His face. He said this, “I have come to ask you a question. Will you answer me.”

Holy Spirit asked, “Why do you give the enemy authority? You have authority to turn on and off the power in your life. When you engage with sin, you allow my power to turn off. You are giving someone else the authority to turn it off. But I tell you, son, turn the power back on! Don’t give the enemy authority to turn off the power. My power is in you, now use it! Do not play passive with the devil, if it were his will, he would kill you! Take authority!

The voice of God Thundarded, “The Church must believe in the power I have placed on her. She sits and waits for the world to end, Micah. My son, the church is going to be the most powerful force on the earth in the coming days. I have created them to be unstoppable! My hand is upon you! I have called you to destroy the works of darkness. I have given you the power to push back the enemy. Do not be afraid or his anger…do not be frightened of his rage. Encourage my church, son, that my hand is upon you!”

I felt the weight of His words resting in my Spirit as I turned back to Holy Spirit who was now hovering over me. He said, “You have authority. I have empowered you; Do not trade this power for any pleasures of the world. Live in the invisible and walk in humility.”

Suddenly to my right Jesus appeared glowing like the sun! His smiled towards me lit up my heart with love for Him so intensely I fell at His feet.

As I lay on the surface of God’s hand, Jesus approached me saying, “Stand up Micah…”