Encounters and Writings

The Hand of God: Reaching For Wonder

I was no longer in my world, but flying through time and space…into His glorious reality! As we passed through the created dimensions in the spirit, Father looked at me with His eyes of fire.

This is a series of powerful visitations about the Hand of God and the wonders He has made. My goal in this is that you would be captured by His beauty; may your heart find movement in Him!

I felt the rush…the pull to come up into the eternal realm…My sight opened to see in the distance the Hand of God holding light like fluttering butterflies. I rested on my bed as the spirit world began to open to me.

Angels, mighty in strength, circled and watched me for my departure was about to happen. As quickly as I could blink, the hand of God picked me up and carried me into His world!

I was no longer in my world, but flying through time and space…into His glorious reality! As we passed through the created dimensions in the spirit, Father looked at me with His eyes of fire. I could see the cosmos around His head like a crown with hair shining with brilliant light! His very countenance was lightning. Lightning bolts moved up and down His cheeks as God looked down towards me! His intensity was incomparable to no other! His chest carried a living rainbow that spread outward touching every living created being!


I rested in His hand…I could feel everything. The comfort, the peace, the love which swallowed me up in His joy. I was all He wanted, just me! My eyes turned to worlds flying past us and the moving stars around His head. I heard a voice speak, “The heavens declare the glory of God. Who can compare to the mighty handy work of God? For by His hand the worlds were made and unmade.” I began to tremble at those words; however, still, my Father’s eyes never left me. He had such Joy!

Finally, we stopped moving. Such wonder surrounded me; I do not know how to describe it to you. My words fail me. I had never seen such beauty; I could see everything, I could even see the expanse of heaven growing. It was like we were outside heaven! I could see the world called heaven, coming from within the Father! I was in awe! I looked around me to see the Father’s work which reminded me of finished paintings of His glory. All these He has made with His hand, and He takes care of them all. I saw our tiny galaxy. I saw millions of other places I have never seen before, and all of them served Him. I saw the formations of equations above His head, like how you would observe on a whiteboard in a science lab. I saw divine wisdom coming out of His mind which interacted with all that He has made.

I continued to look around me when I noticed Father’s left-hand opening to release lightning! Power, striking every mark! Without effort, the Father began to circle His hand among the realms, and they began to spin and sing to Him. By the command of His hand, each world grew into more excellent life, and His voice held each one together.

The Father looked at me and said, “Who can compare to my strength? Who can measure my power? Even heaven cannot contain me…! My eyes are on you Son. I desire to show my wonders to those who wish to see my glory! You know, these realms are like the flowers in my garden, and every finished crown is beneath my beauty. Can the enemy do this? Can He stand up to me? Can he measure my power? All these I have created with my hand Child, and by my will, I could destroy them. I am the one who names the great realms and kingdoms of heaven; I am the one who gives authority and takes it away. Can the enemy truly give authority Micah? I have brought you here so that you may be confident that I am ALL! I am! I am! I am!”

As He said this, I saw power coming out of Him in waves touching everything He made! And the dimensions moved, like how the wind brushes against the flowers of the field. I melted into my Father’s hand saying, “Who is like you Father. I don’t know what to say; you are Almighty! You are unmatched!”

Father shouted, “I m! I am! I am He who breaths into the worlds made by my hand! I am the one who sits enthroned upon heaven! I am the one who rests my feet on the earth! Who can match me?” He called out to all the realms. And no one answered Him!

His Eyes turned back to me. “The enemies kingdom has been defeated son, do not be afraid!”

After God had said this, I trembled in His hand, but I was not afraid…I was where I was supposed to be!

In the midst of my trembling, a storm cloud formed in front of me. In Almighty God’s hand, a Spirit containing the full measure of God’s power commanded, “Lift up your heart, and hear what I have to say…”

To be continued.