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The Gift of Revelation

Jesus and I began our regular routine of walking around the gardens with His hand resting on my back. I love these meetings with Him, I love being with Him. He is my best friend, my greatest support. Jesus, in His shining brilliant robe, always gives me time to take in every moment. He is never in a rush! Jesus enjoys every second with you. Even in the silence of just being, He enjoys it.

We walked around a three-tiered fountain, our favorite place to have a drink in the cool of the garden. Jesus pulled His sleeve back and dipped His hand into the fountain pool to serve me some water. What I drank from His hand quickened my mind. Then He pleasantly waited for me to serve Him. I placed my hand into the pool to serve my King. We served each other repeatedly for a while. The more I drank from Jesus, the more glorious He became.

After I had finished serving the Lord one last time, Jesus held my hand to say, “Son, this is the gift of revelation. This is what it looks like in heaven. I give water to drink, I serve those who are thirsty. I do not give water to diminish the spirit, or to bring pride! I give so that they may know me! I want you to give water that flows in you to those who need a drink. The prophetic ministry is about serving others. It is about becoming the lowest of them all so that they may rise to me. The source you draw from, like this fountain, is the Holy Spirit–this fountain is in you!” Jesus turned to the fountain to gather more of His thoughts. He said, “Do not misuse the gift of revelation, Micah. Do not use it to build your own name or ministry. Do not give with one hand tied behind your back. Give with both hands. Do not sell the waters for your own personal gain fame…give as much as you can. Your reward,” He turned to me and smiled, “Is me! My fullness without measure, son.” He opened His arms and shouted, “Come and drink!”

We both laughed! Jesus placed His right hand on my shoulder, “Become the lowest Micah. In my kingdom, my kings serve each other and care for one another.”

“Lord,” I asked, “What happens when people use their gift of revelation for personal gain or to build their own kingdom?”

Jesus answered quickly, “They become fake, people of tricks. Then I will have to shut off the fountain as mercy.” He stepped closer to me, looking in my eyes, “Give freely without hidden darkness in your heart. Be true, be real.”

He disappeared…

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Jesus is true. He is real. Even in the most darkest times He loves us and teaches us the way to go. He has always loved us and freed us from our sins. To Him be glory and dominion forever and ever.

I had an experience of where I was so stressed out with earthly matters that I hadn’t connected with Jesus in prayer lately.. because the stress took up all my thoughts.., but then I found myself spiritually dehydrated. In prayer one night, I just couldn’t take it any more, and plopped on my bed sought the Lord, and it felt like I was being quenched from total spiritual dehydration.. like He was pouring water into me. here’s what I typed in my youtube comments on that experience:

I asked Him if He had anything for me from His words recorded in “He and I”, regarding this.. and while I was in His presence I blindly opened right to His following words, which my eyes fell right on.. from Him:
“You realize now, don’t you, that without Me – your End, your life is empty. So meet Me more often. Enter more gaily into your Savior-God…”
The scripture verse He also reminded me of was: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be added to you.”

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