Encounters and Writings

The Garden of God

It was the morning light of heaven that welcomed me into the garden of God. The glory of the Lord was so warm and peaceful. As I walked through the garden, Jesus was waiting for me near the apple trees in the center. His appearance was breathtaking with eyes of overwhelming love. He smiled with the light of God that gracefully held my heart. He is dazzling in glory, and the angels sang our beautiful love as He approached me. He held my hand and said, “My love for you, Micah is like this sweet garden. I have come to walk here for my pleasure. You are the garden of God—a place where beauty and life are held for me alone.” Jesus held me close, “My beautiful son, do not have any other god but me. I alone am Lord of your heart. Let me come to my garden of delight and meet with you.” When He said this, the wings of angels covered us while roses rained down from the sky. He took my hand, and we walked down a path of gentle tulips joining in the song of angels…

“I have come into my garden my sister my bride…” Song Of Solomon 5:1″

“Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste.” Song of Solomon 2:3

“Lord Jesus,” I said while resting my head on His shoulder, “You take delight in me? Do I really make you happy?”

He kissed my head, “In the day you were created, my Father prepared you to walk with me as my friend…just as we gave Eve to walk with Adam as a companion, so your Father has given you to me. I do not suffer from loneliness, but I wish not to be alone. I want to share with you all that is given to me.”

Above us three angels with powerful bright wings flew by laughing at us both. Something was funny to them, but I did not know what it was. They landed to the left of the tulip path and began to inquire among each other. The Lord said, “They do not fully understand yet, but they will. They long to look into the mystery of God and man together in perfect harmony. They know it is good…good for the spiritual realm that we unite again and good for the kingdom to come. There is much they wish to understand, my son, but do not concern yourself with that. I know you care for the angels as I do, but I take care of them also.”

I relaxed as we walked closer and Jesus began to sing… and the flowers opened up with light as worship to the Lord,

“Sweet sweet song
from the king of love
sweet sweet love
Of the world there is none
sweet sweet song
from the king of love”