Encounters and Writings

The Four Beings of Christ

“To you my friends, I have made myself known to you. Now go forward! Make my name known to many on the earth.”

Note From the Author:

This is an excerpt coming from my book called Forerunners. This is a continuous epic encounter I had for 6 years while attending a Christian University. This encounter came without warning. Most of these encounters happened in the early mornings, where I was brought into a story about four brothers, including me, and their friends encountering the Spirit realm and all the beings/creatures it holds.

In the short excerpt below, you will read of Four Beings who carry the face of Christ (Yes, one of them is a dragon). And yes, I am aware that some of you refer to them as Aragons. You can call them that if you wish. Aragons are a type of being similar to dragons, but there are dragons also.

Please, as you read the encounter below, this may be something you have never heard of before. That’s ok. This may be something that stretches you. That’s ok as well. This may also be something that you strongly disagree with, and that’s also ok, too. My goal in you reading this is not to have you believe me or take my word for it; I want you to meet Jesus, and He will confirm what He has spoken.

I realize that because this is an excerpt, there will be questions about context. This should lead you to purchase the book when it arrives. Ha!

The Four Brothers are humans standing before the Four Beings of Christ being commissioned by the Father who is called the Voice in this excerpt. The vast Holy Light is a reference to the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Just for cool information, I was the brother standing in front of the eagle who is one of the images of Christ. I was actually apart of this experience, not just a spectator.

The word Onar is the Greek word meaning to dream or dreamer.

The Four Beings (The Eagle, Dragon, Wolf, and Gazelle) are images that represent the characters of Christ Jesus that will manifest into the Four Brothers standing before them. The character of the Eagle will manifest inside one brother; the character of the Dragon will manifest inside of the other brother and so on.

Please note that the Eagle, Dragon, Wolf, and Gazelle are actual manifestations of Christ in heaven. They are very real…

Will you walk through the Door?



In a place of no time, the Four Brothers stood before the Four Beings ready to take on the mission of the Father. Before the throne stood Four Beings, which are the representation of Christ Jesus, in glorious beauty. These were the Four Beings: The Great Eagle, the Lord of Dragons, the Wolf of Humility, and the Gazelle–The Many Horned One. Together the Four Beings stood before the Four  Brothers each looking into the eyes of one another. From the vastness of Holy Light, the Voice commissioned them,

“To the Great Eagle, keeper of the wind—Watchman on the Wall, go and fly high above all darkness, and speak into it light, with the Word of the Son” Then the Voice spoke to the Brother, “May your voice become like that of a Great Eagle. All those who hear will be blessed, but those who ignore will be cursed. Speak to the dead, and they shall live! Say to the tormenting darkness, become light, and it shall be. Let your wings become strong and your flight swift. Let the words of the Onar, the Great Eagle, come to pass; and the passion of the Son become yours. Let all that you dream be seen upon the earth.

To the Lord of Dragons, who stood in the heart of Gargon–Keeper of Stars, may you guard the realm of light with the wisdom of the throne. Will you stand for those who have no voice? Will you become a wall of justice? Will you gather all who are covered by my name to stand for those who are heard not? Gather them with high speed. Let not the waters of evil stand in your way. Yes, my right hand shall be yours, and you shall wave it, and the sea shall yield to you.” Then the Voice spoke to the Brother, “Go with the strength of the Dragon and with fire from his mouth.”

To The Humble Wolf of the Forest of Tenuk, my humble servant, bring peace in the midst of realm of Chaos. Show them why they should laugh and dance again. Give them a reason to rejoice, for the fires of chaos will not torment them. You will dance and leap in the midst of the enemy, and the lights of heaven shall burn all who stand before you. Yes, the fires of peace, not destruction—the fires of humility and love shall burn in you.” Then the Voice spoke to the Brother, “You will teach them how to burn like he who shines brighter than the Sun.”

To the Gazelle, The Many Horned One—who stands between man and the Tree of Life. The birds of the air have found rest upon your leadership.” Then the Voice spoke to the Brother,  “My friend, lift your sword against the Lord of death. If you obey the horn of the Gazelle, no harm will come to you. They shall strike you, and you will heal with the power of the Holy Spirit—yes no harm shall come to those sent in My name. I bless your hands, my friend. So it will be that, whatever you touch you shall succeed.”

After the Light spoke, The Four Beings of Christ blew on the Four Brothers, and the ways of the Father (The Voice) were made known to them. The Four Brothers reached into the Beings, and suddenly, Christ appeared before the Four Brothers. He was shining in His Father’s glory; having eyes like pillars of fire. Nothing was hidden from His sight—He knows all things. The Four Brothers presented their gifts to Him. Then Christ spoke,

“To you my friends, I have made myself known to you. Now go forward! Make my name known to many on the earth. Give them hope of what is to come. Do not be afraid for there are many like you who will encourage and bring light to you when darkness covers your head. Stand against the winds of adversity; stand against the voice of temptation. I am always with you.” He kissed the Four Brothers, and He embraced them. The vastness of Light was pleased, and the Four Brothers’ eyes were opened.