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The Fallen: Illusions of Darkness

Hello, my friends. I want to share with you another story about the mid-heavens. I am sharing this with you because I want to warn you about the New Age movement, fallen spirits of light, and the illusions coming from the enemy’s camp. I will show you a drawing that a dear friend and artist drew for me so you can see what these demons look like. I want you to take a hard look at it. These demons are real and should not be messed with. Jesus warns us in this encounter. The second part of this series will be up later this week.

Jesus spoke to me while in prayer. “Come Micah. I will show you the Fallen.” I felt heaviness in my soul as I entered the spirit world. I knew I was not going to heaven because of the intense smog I traveled through. In this dense fog, I saw a bright light approaching me as the spirit carried me into this realm. Flying through the gray smog made it difficult to breathe, but seeing Jesus took away the hardship. I landed right in front of my joyful King. He embraced me with a kiss. Oh my friend is so wonderful! Being in His presence is the most amazing gift! I completely forgot where I was; just in His holy love!

Jesus’ appearance is different in the mid-heavens or void. He is in a white and gold robe, but it’s a thicker material than His previous garments. He has a staff of pure light and leather boots for the rough terrain of the mid-heavens. The only source of light is Him. His hair is back in a low ponytail.  Jesus has keys attached to His belt that open doors to different places.  I do not know what they all do, but they have some power attached to them.

Jesus Sketch

Jesus set me up straight after our embrace, “Do you know where you are Micah?” He wiped the smog from my clothes. “You have been here before.”

I did know. I was in the void or the mid-heavens. This is a dark, empty, cold world of demons and other fallen creatures. It is not hell but a place where demons and angels war. It is a dimension scarred by the fall of Satan and where he sets his throne.  It is a dimension that lost all its beauty and grace from its original creation. Yes, I have been here before, and I would prefer not to be here, but it is not my choice. The Lord called me; I will go wherever He goes.

Jesus raised His hand to remove the swirling fog around us so that I could see. “I have brought you here so that you would see the Fallen and taste the tears of God. I want you to see the Fallen ones and understand my heart. Gather your bearings for a moment; take a deep breath, and we will begin.”

I could feel the sadness here; the loneliness that twisted the rock of this dimension left it empty of all joy and light. The darkness was alive here as it is in hell. I heard the sounds of creatures crying out and monsters in uncontrolled rage in this realm. I reached for Jesus’ hand to place my face in His palm. I took a deep breath, which made me feel better. He gave me time because He loves me. He pulled me closer, “Are you ready? You are strong because I am with you always.” He held my hands to steady me. “Do not be afraid Micah.”

Jesus led me through the harsh path steadying me so I did not fall. Indeed, we had to walk carefully through the wet forest with demons hiding in the trees. Everything here is alive but twisted. The air can alter your mind into insanity. If I did not focus on Jesus I would lose myself in this world; it is dangerous here. Do not travel here unless the Lord accompanies you. Watching us were long-necked creatures with a human face and the body of an alligator. “These are not the Fallen Micah. Those are demons spawned out of wickedness and torment.” These beasts were massive, just as I had seen them before. They had thin hair and black eyes. These creatures moaned sucking the air out of the atmosphere.


The light from Jesus’ staff was pushing them away which also created a shield to keep creeping spider creatures away from us. Because of the Light from Jesus’ staff, I could see there were mountains with sunken eyes all around.  These mountains curved around us. If I looked at them for too long, I could see dead hands reaching for me. I shook my head to refocus my attention on Jesus. I needed to stay focused. Jesus said, “Illusions from this world – religions such as New Age practices have entered my church because they do not read my word. They pull from the black smoke from this realm into theirs which cast illusions. What they call real is nothing but a mask of demons ready to devour. I am the truth, Micah. If you are not in my light, you are in darkness.”

Then I saw spirits of light approaching me from deep within the mountains. They were charming, but I could see a black hole inside them. They wanted to offer me gifts of wisdom. They couldn’t come through the light Jesus placed around us, but they still were trying to lure me. I could feel a sexual energy coming from them. Jesus said, “These are demons masking themselves as angels of light. They form a pact of intimacy with your soul which gives them power. They are the ones who speak wisdom for a price. They are the spirits who invite you into their bed only to kill you.” Jesus paused a moment and said with authority, “Do not think you can slip into the heavens by your will. Some who do this can get trapped here. The smog can create illusions of false heavenly places filled with these evil spirits. If you do this, you could bring back a spirit that is not of me. It is by my grace! You cannot do this without my grace. You cannot ascend into the heavens without my presence or guidance!”

We came to a slimy wall that was breathing like a sleeping beast. Jesus used a stone key to open the wall. It split open revealing guts and worms…the stench was of waste from sewage. Jesus pulled me through the opening very quickly. I felt cold; I felt such loneliness here. It was so cold I couldn’t move. Jesus turned to me, “It is lonely here. The darkness creates feelings of loneliness, emptiness, which brings forth rage. Micah, we are almost there. What you feel is not you. It is darkness, this is my Father’s enemy…this is the opposite of light.”  He smiled. Jesus never loses His joy, “Come on. Put one foot in front of the other.” He helped me to walk.  

Whispers were within the mountain, voices that said terrible things. I could barely see black winged demonic figures whispering lies and creating images to distract me. Jesus said, “Ignore them. They cannot harm you.” Jesus raised His staff to brighten the room which pushed the demons away.

We continued our walk through the mountain until we came to an opening within the cave. I gasped with such grief. I saw winged angels lying in a bubbling swamp like they were dead. I heard a loud groan from them, and Jesus said, “These are the Fallen ones.” A crashing booming sound shook the halls of this cave, and it began to rain…

One of the fallen angels stood up and turned to the Lord with an outraged shout, “Son of God!” His voice echoed through the halls.

To be continued:

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