Encounters and Writings

The Fallen: Angels of Darkness

Please, I warn you with as much holy fear and trembling, do not enter the spirit realm without the Holy Spirit. There are unclean spirits; dark creatures that will harm you if not done with the Holy Spirit’s leadership. 

This story is the final installment of The Fallen: Illusions of Darkness. I had always planned to finish this encounter, but it is cumbersome even a year later. Please read further to hear the conclusion. If you have not read the first part, do so here.

Please, I warn you with as much holy fear and trembling, do not enter the spirit realm without the Holy Spirit. There are unclean spirits; dark creatures that will harm you if not done with the Holy Spirit’s leadership. 

The slime from the bubbling pond dripped from its decaying flesh. Even the wings of this once glorious being were like that of a dead bird that started to rot away. Jesus was not shaken by such a threatening call from this fallen one. I did not approve of this visit into this dark realm. I remained close to Jesus.  

The fallen angel walked out of the pond dragging some of its limbs behind him. I am unsure if his limbs are a result of the continuous battles in this realm or if its because he was still rotting away. His face was deformed as though a hole had melted through to the other side. He was missing a right eye and worms were eating away his left one. His “skin” was grey, and he looked like he had not eaten for months. I remember the sound of his footsteps which gave me the feeling of terrible dread. His fingers were long–some were missing, and some looked like they were bitten off. He looked so deprived of all light and beauty. While his hands were awful, his legs looked as if they had started a mutation into a horrible beast. He had the hind legs of a monster with sharp claws like a bear. I could see blisters forming all over his body which caused him great pain. He covered himself in shame with his rotting wings as he stumbled towards us. His breathing was heavy like a sickness rested in its lungs. It even looked like a hole was forming in the center of its face, I could see the fallen angel’s mouth. His lips were dry from no water, and its teeth were sharp like a bat–like a vampire longing for blood.

He groaned through his words, but I couldn’t understand them. The pain was too severe. The sky hid away at the site of such a dreadful creature. Jesus remained still and unafraid by this fallen one.

I felt something. I felt the loss of such a creature that was once beautiful. Why was I feeling this way? I felt the sadness. I felt the despair. He was hopeless; he will never find peace. I touched Jesus shoulder so that I could gain strength; this world was draining me. I still did not understand my feelings.

I whispered to Jesus my question, “Lord what is this I am feeling?”

Jesus tilted His head back to me to answer, but His eyes were still on the fallen angel who continued to approach us, “You feel the emotions of this creature. You see the sadness of him. In his heart is his eternal doom; the ending of what was once a beautiful story. All these beasts I knew, and they knew me. They served me in grace and with much glory. My gift to them was to govern domains of the spirit world, but they had lost themselves to the desires of Satan, who promised them great feats of fame. They fell from their domains with Satan’s armies encased in greed, lust, and rage. Now they rot away, changing into the image of their hearts–beasts of the fallen world. They have no hope. They raise their voices to the heavens in great disdain for me, but my Father and I will not hear them.”

As the fallen angel drew nearer, Jesus commanded the beast, “Stop!” His voice caused the ground to shake.

The creature obeyed Him. He roared then vomited a pool of bile in front of Jesus. Perhaps His voice made him sick.  

The fallen angel mustered up enough strength to speak through his pain, “Jesus…you, who melted our faces on the day of your rising.” He growled, “You have come to torment us again?” His withering fingers pointed at Him, “You did this to me. You should have warned me of the great fallen angel who deceived us!” He moaned, “Oh, now your light has left me. You have cast me out of your lush gardens of light. My beautiful story is ripped from the pages of my heart.” He covered his head, ” Now you come to judge me by fire?” The beast screamed, “Haven’t you done enough to me? What else do you wish to do, take what I have left?” He seemed to grow in great anger toward Jesus and would switch into a deep depression at any moment.”

He cried out, “Leave me! Get out of here! If I had strength, I would rip you to pieces. You created me, and now you have thrown me out! Come closer to me, let me drink your blood; its suppose to heal us all.”

His personality had now become a madman, a lunatic. The beast laughed viciously. “You are crazy Jesus. Crazy to come here. Let me go and let me eat you.”    

Jesus said nothing.

I felt my strength leave again. I touched Jesus so that I would not fall over. My sight had become dim. “Jesus I am tired…”

The fallen one’s eyes turned to me. The fallen angel’s clawed fingers reached for me as he began to speak, but Jesus silenced him with His voice, and the creature fell, screaming in pain.

Jesus turned to me, “Come, it is time to go.” He held my hands and summoned a wind to lift us up from this place. I felt my energy return the higher we climbed. My vision cleared. Jesus’ eyes were on me to make sure I was ok as we ascended up to heaven. The glory from His face touched me and entered me which rejuvenated me… I felt like I could breathe again.  

I took a deep breath as the air continued to clear during our rising, “Jesus why did you show me this?”

Jesus answered me, “So you would know the reality of the fallen ones; the dangers of this place for those who enter the spirit world without my protection. I wanted you to see the mind of those who had fallen from me. Son, these fallen angels desire to govern lands on the earth, I created them to do so; it is in their nature. Those who come against these fallen angels and do not have a proper understanding of their identity will be prey to them.”

I didn’t know what to say to Jesus. I began to feel heavy again. Jesus turned my attention to His beautiful face and spoke gently, “Look at me. I want you to look at me.” His voice brought me peace, and I fell into His arms.  

Jesus and I landed on the crystal sea in front of our Father’s throne. Come with me, “Let me cleans you in the rivers of light.”