Encounters and Writings

Fall of Lucifer: The Interlude

Seated around the tree were the kings of diverse realms in great glory and honor. All were unique, and not all were human-like. Each king had scrolls of light before them, and their names glowed above in a tongue I could not understand unless revealed to me by the Holy Spirit.

Let us pause for a moment to observe another realm, The Council of Sons of the Elohim. This council is an interlude of worlds where heavenly beings meet with the Lord to report all they have done. I stood among these powerful beings as they discussed and gained wisdom for what is to come.

The connection to this council is by a vast bridge of diamonds that sparkle with lively colors. This rainbow path leads to a magnificent castle such as I have never seen. Its structure is sapphire and every precious stone. It looked as though it was blue ice burning with fire. There is a sense of ancient wisdom flowing from it. From the foundations of this castle, it is as though it is speaking with you. The horizon of such a world contained galaxies and nebulas slowly orbiting this planet. In an instant, I was taken into this castle to see the Elohim discuss of the current event, Lucifer’s fall.

I entered a hall that looked like a glowing lake of pure light. In the center of this lake was a tree carrying fruit of every kind. The tree was enormous with luscious green leaves that dripped with frankincense and myrrh. Whispers of secret teachings drifted from its branches, my spirit understood them, but my mind was too small to comprehend what was said. There was an opened door carved into the trunk of the tree like a portal leading into a powerful unknown place. I was afraid to enter. I didn’t want to look into the entrance for too long; the fear of God was too powerful. Seated around the tree were the kings of diverse realms in great glory and honor. All were unique, and not all were human-like. Each king had scrolls of light before them, and their names glowed above in a tongue I could not understand unless revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. Each sapphire throne was set around the tree of light. And the Elohim who sat among the tree were among orbs of glory that floated around them.

“How quickly he has fallen.” A one shouted from the great cosmic council. “There has been a pause, an interruption among the realms beneath. Can you not hear it? Terror from the mid-heavens has risen like a cloud of smoke to this council.”

I was standing among a council of the great Elohim! There were some who were mighty beasts from realms of God’s creative mind. One creature was a giant dragon, whose wings were diamonds. His skin was white and his scales silver. On his diamond wings were markings of wise sayings in an ancient tongue. I could feel the breath of such a dragon. Sometimes he would stand on his hind legs while folding his arms to speak while his shimmering wings opened wide. “I have something to say,” this mighty dragon spoke, “word of this dark angel’s fall will spread across the bridges into the realms. Will he try to deceive the remaining lands?”  

Another creature had the upper body of a man with large horns like a deer. Hanging from his antlers were gems of wisdom. The lower half was like a dear, but its legs were fire!

I saw another beast among the Council of Elohim who was like a fiery bird. It was glorious, more massive than any bird I have ever seen! His claws were gold. This bird stood with its chest raised which displayed a moving symbol of a sun. It had a long tail like a river of fire.

Many other creatures were standing among this cosmic council, and some even resemble human qualities of great wisdom. There was one being who stood like a castle of large, detailed stone. His shoulders broad and his hands firm to display actions of excellent power. He was organic but also a machine it seemed. Billows of steam formed clouds above his head. Wings from his back were metal. As this creature/machine moved it thundered as the stones shifted with movement.

These magnificent creatures were rulers among the realms created, but there was one more powerful who stepped out from the great tree. His glory is unmatched as He took His place upon the shining lake. Like lighting His countenance was alarming with incredible power and His voice was sharp in the appearance of a sword. The Lord Jesus had come to speak with the council.

Jesus, Highest of Kings and the creator of those who stood among Him, received their greetings and their worship. Jesus carried a staff of lighting which thundered with every step. His robe was brighter than the sun, and his beard and hair were white with sparks of light. He was shining beyond all who stood among Him. The Lord’s crown was the greatest, and no other could wear it, the heaviness of its glory was too much for the one who is not God of the universe.  

These are the names of the those I heard speak in the Cosmic Council:

Garath the Brave: The one adorned with antlers of wisdom.

Barack, The Trembling of Light: This is the machine/castle, mighty in power.

Bwenith, The Blazing Force: The great bird of fire whose tale is a river of flowing flames.

Zinich, The Dragon High Priest of Athwani: The great dragon whose wings are like diamonds.

Jesus spoke, “Welcome! We will discuss what has recently taken place in heaven. The great star, Lucifer has chosen wickedness instead of love. There will be a war for the kingdoms, but I have a plan and it will not fail! Let us discuss.

Bwenith, the great bird, said, “My Lord we have never dreamed this would happen, how quickly has he fallen from light. The mid-heavens are breaking…”

Zinich, the dragon, interrupted, “I have heard the sound of thrashing shields and swords from the highest heavens. I smell the sadness of angels who have lost their fallen brothers. Was it Michael, the Prince who cast Lucifer out?”

Bwenith could not believe it, “Lightning lit up the sky of my kingdom as he descended to the mid-heavens below.”

The council erupted with questions for Jesus, but the Lord was not disturbed by the council’s concern for the realms. Jesus raised His hand to silence the endless questions. However, He did not speak right away. Jesus looked at each member with eyes of fire. Those seated lowered their heads in honor. Jesus said, “Do not fear. Who created Lucifer, or gave him wings? Who is the one who placed precious stones into his being? It was I who fashioned the angel out of swirls of fire where the souls of angels were born. Satan has no power over his future. He will come to deceive, corrupt and destroy what is most precious to me. However, in doing so, his fate will be sealed with eternal destruction. My wrath will be poured out, and my children will administer my power in destroying him.  

The council of kings looked at one another. They were amazed but did not understand.

Garath, The Brave spoke up, “Master, you spoke of children. Who are these who will carry your power?” He looked around, “Where are they?”

Jesus smiled and opened his right hand revealing a beautiful spirit of light. The bright light touched the face of Jesus. His smile caused this spirit to intensify with glory. Jesus turned to the great tree and smiled, “I will have a garden of lovers. They will eat from this tree, and I will make my dwelling with them forever. “Jesus turned back to the council, “The first will come from the dust of the ground. My children will multiply and rule what I shall give them. These are the ones who Satan is after.”

The council had never heard of such a thing. The God of heaven and earth will have an offspring, this was indeed a mystery.

Jesus instructed the council, “There will be many nations who will need counsel and instruction. I wish to invite you into my authority to instruct the nations of the earth. You must judge rightly, humble yourselves, and encourage them to engage with wisdom.” Jesus paused looked at the small spirit, “A war is coming on a scale like never before seen in all the realms created. This spirit created from my spirit is the focus of the battle. The first one to carry my image. I will form him from the dust of the earth, and He will spread my garden of lovers across the whole planet.”

Barack, The Trembling Light spoke, “War. There has never been a greater war than the Fall of Lucifer. What is this war you speak of? Can such a small spirit be so powerful that it can command the realms?”

Jesus looked at the divine being, “Nothing is like these created spirits. For what has my image in all of heaven? None. These will carry my heart, my ways, my voice, and all that I am inside them. They will govern the earth which will be the center of the connected bridges of light. I will establish my temple there. I will live among them.”

After Jesus said this, a dark angel appeared among the heavenly beings. Lucifer, who is now called Satan had appeared before the divine council.

Satan boasted of his glory, “Oh great council of the stars, I have come. Listen to what I have to say.” He bowed then slowly lifted his head with a slightly twisted smirk.

To be continued: