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Fall Of Lucifer: The Homeless One

The sky brightened with God’s glory, and lightning struck the fallen angels once again. Lucifer was judged three times with a powerful lightning bolt, like a hammer beating a nail; he fell to the ground in weakness.

This is part three of the fall of Lucifer series. If you have not yet read the first two encounters, please click here.

With a heavy heart, please read the bible passage below slowly. Many have thought that the day the great angel, Lucifer, fell was a triumphant day. While God did display His power, He too was saddened by the terrible choice Lucifer made to leave His presence. Father loved Lucifer. He created him to be the most beautiful angel, but pride was found in his heart, and the angel could no longer stay in Father’s holy presence. The Holy Spirit has allowed me to see this event from a different perspective than some other Seers. I am not saying I have the full picture, no one has the complete picture, but I humbly offer you another perspective of Lucifer’s fall. You will feel something you have never felt…sadness, and you will also understand your role in the kingdom more. I ask that you would go to God to hear Him speak to your heart about the encounter below. Ask to see, hear, and understand the visitation below.

Isaiah 14:11-13, “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high…’ “

The dust settled, and the sound of thunder dimmed as Lucifer stood on the dust of the ground. I was with Michael as we observed darkness overcoming him. The remaining angels who had sided with Lucifer were falling from heaven one after the other, like comets burning with light only to fade into shadow. I saw them fall everywhere in the mid-heavens. I could hear their screams of torment across the land as they cried out to God in curses. However, some angels mourned deeply.

The sky brightened with God’s glory, and lightning struck the fallen angels once again. Lucifer was judged three times with a powerful lightning bolt, like a hammer beating a nail; he fell to the ground in weakness. His hair blackened by darkness and evil nested in his eyes.

He cried out in rage, “I hate you! I hate you!” he moaned as the glory of God was leaving him painfully. He clawed the dust of the earth causing his fingernails to tear and bleed. He hissed towards the Son of God who stood in the sky in magnificent glory watching Lucifer twist and turn like a worm.

Even as I looked at Jesus’ face, I saw that He was sad. Jesus wanted this angel to remain with Him, but he chose to leave His presence, His goodness. Jesus looked as if He would weep. Did Jesus love Lucifer that much that He would cry? There was no plan to save him; Lucifer will always be a worm living in the dust of darkness.

The heavens closed, like a cloud rolling storm, until there was nothing but darkness and dust. I saw creatures of the mid-heavens run in fear. Something had touched this realm that brought frightening darkness. The trees began to die; it seemed. The air started to stink–something was happening to the mid-heavens. I realized that the darkness was not previously here before Lucifer’s fall. Did the darkness fall into the mid-heavens because of Lucifer? I did not have an answer.

It appeared that Lucifer looked at me with intense hatred. I turned away quickly covering my eyes. It felt like Lucifer could see me, but that was not the case.

It was too disturbing to look at this scene, but Michael said, ” Look! Do not hide your eyes. You must see what we saw so that you can feel our hearts. Micah, this was a terrible day for us. I had brothers who became enemies. The angels you see before you in dust, stood with me before the throne, but they chose to side with the fallen star, satan. My heart grieved. Did you know the angels mourned that day? Jesus comforted us. I do understand what humans feel when they have lost a loved one. These angels were much loved. Lucifer was my brother in the light. Now he is an enemy in darkness.”

So it was, in great darkness, Lucifer crawled. His dreams of light had become nightmares; the brightness of his wings are now dripping with eternal darkness. How he has fallen into such intense darkness, the Fallen Star has left his light for pride, vengeance, and despair. He roamed the fallen, broken realms like a lost child with no parent or home to claim him. How he has plunged into a terrible darkness. No hope. No light.

I watched him, beaten, torn apart from the inside, wander the lands of the mid-heavens. The fallen angels cried out to the heavens in rage. They hated anything beautiful or radiant. As the glory of God left their bodies, they rotted away, and their faces changed into the reflection of their heart. These demons and fallen angels moaned with deep anguish as everything seemed so painful.

Lucifer walked alone. He was not with the others who fell.  Instead, he wandered the lands alone in a hypnotic state mumbling to himself until his eyes turned red with violence. He stopped and looked into his opened hands as his beauty left him. He roared in anger and vowed never to let anyone walk in light again. “I will make them homeless as I am; I will make them feel my pain. No one will ever see light again. I will start with the ones He loves.”

To be continued…